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The key to understand variance is tease out the variables.

Less of them all the time, quite a number rad rodded or otherwise made less desirable ( no not all mods do that imo)

I think people who have bought them up in the last years were well aware of the beast they purchased. Thus much less inclined to sell. I over payed in2010 from 4830r prices, but there were quite a few lovely mods that had been done, that got me that much more economically to where my machine is performance-wise now.

I think if/when the s3 Exige's hit our shores, you may see a shift in s2 units trading hands, but I expect that won't last long. People will look back to the s2 as more pure, like we might see a s1. Just like air cooled Porsche's...

Oh yeah and if the macro economic trends turn wrong side up then all bets off!

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