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Originally Posted by Butters View Post
Damn. I think you might have just sold me. Do you remember how long of a process it is? I'm assuming it's just half a day to a full day of work.
Dom(at Rose City Dip) tells me that the AF matte is kind of infuriating to work with - apparently it takes ~4 days to dry. Gloss AF dries within a day apparently. I'd recommend reaching out to him Contact ? Rose City Dip to get more details.

Wraps and AF both have their pros and cons, but esp given the price(and the crazy color options), AF seems to be better overall. You can do absurd color shift finishes even with the matte - he said he could do satin black to satin aubergine purple/blue/green shifts. As with anything, doing your due diligence first helps :-)

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