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This S4 sold on BAT last November and was very well vetted in the comments, $32,500 +5% buyer’s fee = 34,125 all in.


Looks like the BAT seller documented some of the work on his website:


The usernames are the same (BAT buyer and eBay seller). Simple Google sleuthing on the phone number in the eBay description:


Most of the eBay description is copy/pasted from the BAT auction. My take - hypothesizing - the current owner/seller is an enthusiast who’s enjoyed the car and is ready to move on. I’ve owned some cars for months, enjoyed them and was ready to move on. Others I had for years. Each car is different.

Whether there’s are any issues or not with the car is up to the prospective buyer to perform their due diligence.

It’s refreshing to see the seller recognizing the market spoke recently as to the value. I’m a long time Porsche enthusiast/owner (hopefully an Esprit owner soon). It is amazing to see the flippers and greed in the P-car circles. Seems the Lotus crowd is pretty level headed, and not a bunch of Gordon Gekko’s.
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