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Originally Posted by Roland Sitler View Post
Hello! Just bought my 05 Elise after wanting one for the last 15 years! First day drove it 7 hours back home. Now I have a squeeky belt. But love the car!

If anyone has any maintenance tips please share!
I'm glad you finally got your Elise! I was in the same boat as you years ago. I wanted one so bad it drove me nuts. I first seen a black Elise at a college dorm back in 2006. Then a yellow Elise at leaving a burger king a year later. I just thought they were the coolest looking cars around. I did not realize they were somewhat attainable back then. Then I made the mistake of test driving a few of them back in 2008 and I was hooked. Unfortunately, I could never afford one so I had to settle for other sports cars. I finally flew out to AZ and picked mine up Oct. 2015 and drove about 7 hours back home like you. Would love to hear more of your story if you want to share. Anyways, Congrats!!!

Do you plan to do your own maintenance?

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