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Originally Posted by TechnoHippie View Post
yeah the MP45 supercharger doesn't move a whole lot of air compared to the others as its smaller. I will soon be finding out (tomorrow as matter of fact) because I've had one put in my n/a 2005. In my case in addition to a one-off custom ECU tune, also have performed lot of head work (porting an polishing) and also on in the intake,bigger injectors, etc....and I had previously upgraded the cooling system (radiator and fans) along with a bunch of other stuff. I assure you that I'm waaay beyond the 220hp - 240hp normally seen with the MP45. For most people just getting a REV300 would be a simpler way to get the power (and probably cheaper in the long run due to the head and intake work) -- but I got a screamin deal on the labor and ECU tune Now if you're just going to have the stock MP45 setup - it might be a little bit quicker, the driveability might improve some due to the extra torque - but "worth it"? I guess that depends on the individual and how much money they wanna spend and how fast they wanna go. I have heard so much from both sides of this -- lots of guys have told me that the mp45 supercharger makes all the difference in the world - and others have said it's not worth it.
You've stated your optimism before, but after a compressor map of the MP45 was posted and Phil commented on head work and the MP45, you disappeared from the dyno thread.


You likely would have been better off without the MP45.


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