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I'm glad they finally got Leno to review a 400, but it would have been better if they'd done it in 2016-17 when the car was first for sale in the U.S.

Though it was great to see Leno in a new Lotus, he seemed to not know much about modern Lotuses - he thought the 400 was a new car with a new design, when of course its roots go back at least a decade (he also thought it was built as a result of the recent purchase by Geely). As far as I know, he's never said a word about the Elise despite it being the successor to the Elan (which he loves). You'd think he would have been first in line to buy one when they first came to the states.

Not a good sign of the marque's status in the U.S. if the leading car guy here (who's also a big classic Lotus fan) knows so little about the modern cars (and doesn't seem to know who Roger Becker was either!).

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