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Help plse - locked out of 2008 ERxige S240

So, I live in Spain and own a Gulf spec S240 I imported from Dubai a couple of years ago (see other posts for this story). I recently sent my car to Lotus Madrid for the long overdue oil-line/union recall and replacement. It went by transporter - didn't fancy the long drive, costs of hotels and additional mileage on a low mileage car.

Got the car back yesterday. (Had to take possession a couple of miles away from home as the huge transporter could not get down roads near my house). It had a slightly flat battery - enough for windows and lights etc to work but would not turn over or start. Used jump leads and got the car home. Locked it via the key and connected it to a charger.

This morning, it was fully charged but the car would not open. Pressing the middle button disarms the immobiliser OK (and gives double flash of lights) - I can see this by watching the dash through the window. The system re-arms the immobiliser as it should after 40 seconds. But pressing the middle button does not operate the central locking. Driver door button is up and passenger door one is down. If I press the top key button (the one with the logo) the alarm sounds three times and the lights flash in sync with the alarm. If I press the bottom button, nothing happens (is it supposed to be an emergency alarm signal)? I know that Gulf cars were not fitted with any internal/movement sensors - but not sure about the panic alarm function.

Spoke to Lotus in Madrid who suggested two things. First hold down the middle and bottom buttons simultaneously. This made no subsequent difference. The other was to disconnect the battery which I did for a couple of hours (via the terminals in the front panel) but that also made no difference. Incidentally, not sure if the alarm is supposed to sound on disconnection or reconnection of battery, but nothing happens. I have two good keys and tried both - same result.

Can anyone suggest what else to do?

TIA - Richard
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