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Always thought the heavier the vehicle the less you notice a passenger. When I did track days in my 2750lb Saab SPG or 3000LB viggen, any passenger at the track would be very noticeable. Especially when those cars had a open diff, sometimes the extra weight gave me better traction in a turn (no one wheel burnout at 70mph+). One of my instructors had a 968 & did NASA, SCCA & Porsche club racing, he stated 7 of the 11 turns the extra weight helped him in the turn. That is as long as the passenger wasn’t to heavy.

One even my instructor was 250++ and under 6ft, he wasn’t pleased when he saw my momo race buckets in the car.... he was only a passenger for part of one session.... once he new I was OK on my own, he wanted out.

When I would take 10 people in my RV I didn’t know they were there....

I wouldn’t think exceeding the 440# number would be a issue, go have fun and report back on how the day went!
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