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Originally Posted by arjay View Post
Any more thoughts - this is a nightmare
Well - who says the age of miracles is dead.? No way - at least miracles with a small "m"

I have finally got the car open. Not sure how I did it as I tried every conceivable combination of fob button presses, duration of presses and also battery connected and disconnected. Finally, I was able to open the doors with the key in the drivers door lock.

So now I can disarm the immobiliser, start the car and presumably drive it. Unfortunately, pressing the top button still does not operate the central locking system (CDL?). All it does is sound the alarm three times. Same goes for opening the doors - more three time alarms. Do I still have to go through the PIN number sync - seems quite a rigmarole when the key does actually already do everything it should except move the door buttons up and down and allow the doors to open and close without the alarm sounding?

BTW I can push the door buttons down and up manually though they feel pretty stiff. Maybe you are not supposed to do that. Anyway, at the moment both are in the up position but the alarm doesn't think they are in the open

Can anyone help now that I can at least get the car open? For example, is the CDL fused and should I be checking that?

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