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SoCal to Canada

So Im planning a reasonable sized road trip for mid September.

A loop from SoCal upto Jasper National Park back down through Yellowstone, Utah national parks etc. Total about 5000miles at the moment. 3 weeks.

Its going to be camping and hiking so we'll have more gear than usual. I can easily fit enough gear for camping trips around (warmer) CA but up North we'll need more gear.

It took a while to figure out what to do for extra luggage but I found something that works well so thought id post.

Its a Ravin Crossbox carry case. 41 x 19 x 13 inches. Water proof

Awkwardly looks like a small coffin but much better than any standard luggage box I could find. (all are way too big.)

I found a cheap engine cover so I could bolt things to it. So the case is mounted with rubber isolators through the front of the engine cover and suction cupped to the back clam. Easy to pop the cups and get into the boot. Also have straps to tie the roof to.

I have been working through a bunch of maintenance. Final big job will be to put a new radiator in and while the clam is off try figure out the weird rattling coming from the front (checked all the bolts I can get to).

What I can normally fit in there.

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