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Thanks so much for replying. Just to let you know - I have got into the car OK now. I can start the car because the middle button on the fob will disarm the immobiliser as it should. But pressing the top button does not lock or unlock the car. It just sets off the alarm with three flashes of the lights and three loud sounds..

I have tried having the car locked and unlocked via the key in the actual locks, disconnecting the battery, and everything else I can think of.

I have found a 4 figure number on the spare key that might be the sync PIN. But I am not sure if this is correct as I understand that syncing the key means turning the ignition on and off a number of times according to each number. What do you do for a zero? Also, if the key will disarm the alarm & immobiliser to start the car - does this not mean that the key is synced correctly?

I really do not know where to go from here....

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