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Originally Posted by Julian73 View Post
Please don't use any other area that you think you can jack from. The photos with ribbed plates are normal. By the way, jacking at the aft point will lift that side (both wheels) of the car off the ground. I then place a jack stand under the front point and insert my "JackPoint" jack stand" under the jacked point. Quick, safe and easy!!
I started to do that but then realized I was only doing the front of the car and that defeated the purpose of the jackpoint stands. So I found by lifting with my new long nose low profile jack that at the front lift spot the car went up quick and I wrapped the jack with the jackpoint stand and I was done. Easy peesie.

Lifting at the aft required the car to be considerable higher to fit the jackpoint stand (or any other) under the front of the car.

I like the front on the jackpoint stands as they are very sturdy. The car doesn't move. I was afraid to use my other jack stands, especially lifting one side at a time.

Well, I feel better about taking off the bumper, clamshell, and A-Panels. Once my pieces are painted, I'll painfully re-assemble. I also had the windshield wiper motor replaced. Checked the radiator. resurfacing the headlamps, and changing the HID bulbs.
My next project is I bought a new Pioneer head unit AVIC-W8500NEX to replace the dated unit.
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