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Originally Posted by Ls1Rx7 View Post
A slow driver in a fast car will still be slow.
We have a 570 in our local group (albeit modified) and it dissapeared from my sight in about 1 lap. Thats on a track that I have hundreds of laps on with a Rev400 kit.

So... take with a grain of salt
Don't disagree. Will say Shenandoah is the perfect track for Miatas, Elises or anything else very light. Agree the McLaren driver is slow (maybe not "slow", but at least taking it easy since he has so much on the line), but I used to routinely pass late model Corvettes in a VW Scirocco on that track. If you don't mind curbing, throwing your car into the Karussell with abandon, and generally have a momentum car, it is a very fun and extremely technical track.

Raises a point I make about track days, I don't think I could enjoy tracks in a super car. I would probably drive like that McLaren driver as well.
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