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Question Starting issue

I have an daily driven 05 stock Elise with a stage two ex with a peculiar start up issue, the engine and starter wont crank. Alarm module and fuse was removed 16 months ago, keyfob wouldn't unlock https://www.lotustalk.com/forums/f25...-light-447978/. A few months later dashboard/tachometer works intermittently, fuel gauge reads wrong.
After placing the key in the ignition and turning it to the second indent, dashboard, stereo light up, hear fuel pump prime. Then pressed/hold start button once no click from engine bay and nothing. Weird thing is this happened once a few weeks ago then I left sit overnight and came back the next morning to have it work fine for the next week so didn't think it was a problem. Then it stopped working again. Jumped it to drive it to the mechanic. But before that tried the inertia switch no click, moved it back a little in case of misalignment nothing.

-Found immobilizer fuse missing, replaced and now starting dash issues went away. However now it doesn't need a key to run. Since it didn't need the key, now it didn't turn off unless the fuse for the immobilizer was pulled.
-Pulled starter button, checked the internal spring thing which seemed good contact with the bar. However I did notice it wasn't lit up when driving at night a while ago if it ever did?
- Checked fuses for continuity
- Cleaned any poor contacts on fuses
- Checked all visible grounds for continuity and corrosion
- Left battery disconnected for a while
- Attempted different combinations of starting with and without immobilizer switch fuse

Then for what ever reason it just started working absolutely perfectly dashboard included for the next three days and then it wouldn't start up again.

-Disconnected battery, left for 3 days reconnected and same issue. Got some weird readings from it and it was near the end of its life so replaced with another. Saw a scosche positive terminal wire here too? Still back to square one.

Something up with the ignition switch or immobilizer circuit, ecu programming? Maybe need a immobilizer bypass I keep reading about? Anyone have similar experience before I try to get it on a 5 hour trip to the closest dealer?
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