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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you are looking at the service notes, section BV.3 "A- Panels". At least my version of those notes show the diagram as you just posted.

My post above is from the July '15 notes, section BV.4 "FRONT CLAMSHELL". Although my diagram depicts 1 bolt in step # 2, it references removing 2 bolts at that location for the MC reservoir bracket:

"2. Release the M6 X 20 flange headed screws & washers (2) securing the hydraulic fluid reservoir bracket to the clamshell."

Either way, aside from the diagram you posted above, I see no mention of that single bolt in the clam removal steps in either section (or versions) of the notes I have. Additionally, I do not have a (single) bolt located in the position indicated in the diagram you just posted.

Sorry I can't help more...

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