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Originally Posted by 2bular View Post
Why does BOE use a 3" header on their 400bhp 2ZZ TVS1320 install but a smaller 2.5" header on their 400bhp V6 install?
2.5" and 3" headers? Those are incredibly wide exhaust ports. Holy hell! I don't even know how they fit that in the engine bay...

All jokes aside, If we're talking about collectors I would assume it has to do with the fact that a 2zz has to push 400bhp worth of exhaust through a single 3" collector from a single header while a 2GR has 2 collectors from 2 different headers off of 3 cylinders only contributing half the total horsepower. 2.5" piping was probably shown to provide adequate flow for the required exhaust volume while maintaining velocity for scavenging.
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