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If the 400 and 4xx series make it to collectible status, and if the past is anything to go by, manuals will be the cars selling for a premium. The question I'd ask is what will give you more pleasure and allow me to drive the car with more joy. Buy the one that fulfills that mission since Lotus is all about driving pleasure. That's something only you can know.

Most of the '17s are equipped about the same: forged ten spoke wheels (not negotiable but almost always found on US cars), Alpine with sub, (do you care about the sub since it's technically optional?), leather or Alcantara (I prefer leather, again a matter of indifference unless you have a preference), cruise (I wanted that), PPF (optional but frequently included...adds about 1K to price), and after that, just pick your color (and/or black pack) There is very little else to add.

The advice given by ShadowWulf is pretty much the same as mine.

I'd have no problem buying a "demo" or "used car" with a few miles on it if the price was right and the warranty still active. These cars are tough enough to stand up under typical hard use on the road but as the Wulf says, parts support is probably the most negative aspect of ownership. You are buying a hand made, limited production product from what is still a minuscule factory and while the Evora is more than up to daily use, it is still an exotic car with all the baggage attendant to that.

'17 Evora 400 MT
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