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Originally Posted by ShadowWulf369 View Post
Well, THATíS terrifying! Sounds a lot like the Toyota issue from a while back with sudden acceleration. This has not ever happened to me. What model year Evora do you have? Also, because you mentioned Park, Iím assuming IPS or auto (if a 400)?

Does the engine act as though youíre flooring it or just casually applying throttle? I know back when I was on a spirited drive, I had regular tennis shoes on and they were wide enough to hit the brake and the gas at the same time and I went into a turn too fast as a result. I went into the gravel a bit but nothing else. From that point on I only wear driving shoes so I can feel exactly where my foot is touching and so that my foot is that much more narrow. Is it possible your foot was catching the edge of the gas pedal? This is why Iím wondering if it acted as if it was floored.

I guess to check all the boxes, make sure itís not possible for your floor mat or anything else on the floor to catch a pedal. Then I would mention something to the dealer next time youíre in for service and make sure your ECU and TCU software is up to date. Iím not sure what you can do mechanically, but maybe clean the throttle body and the valve? I donít know where the throttle body position sensor is, but maybe that can be cleaned? Iím guessing at this point.

Bottom line: sudden lurching and acceleration isnít normal.
Assessment probable; Below info Re: Toyota's "problem"
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