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The one that hasn't been mentioned so far is you. It gets talked about a lot but your physical size and shape can make the difference between a comfortable drive and a slouched back damaging knee hitting steering wheel clutch and brake at the same time arm wrestling chore. The earlier cars, 78 to 84, were always a challenge for me (6 foot, 225 size 12's) but because i loved the marque i 'suffered' through them. Esprit number 5 for me was an 88 Anniversary edition which felt more roomy and the seats had better adjustment, but still i didn't really 'fit'. After several 88's, 90 and 91 SE's Esprit number 14 was a 94 S4 and i felt i was born again. Ingress/Egress was vastly improved with wider door openings, more room in the pedal box, more seat adjustments and the best of all was the power 'assisted' steering. I could drive for long distances comfortably and enjoyed the experience way more than previous long trips. I'm now on Esprit number 16 which is an 01 V8, again more refinements and the updated instrument pod make it feel a lot more like a modern car with added comforts (still no cup holder though ) There are several mods you can make to give you more comfort (remove seats rails, remove seat bottom additional pad, install glass roof, install D shaped steering wheel etc) but the bottom line is you and your shape. It is said that the Esprit was designed by Colin Chapman for Colin Chapman and that he was long in the body hence the awkward driving position. You seldom hear of a vertically challenged owner complaining about the leg room or the roof height, but they do have an issue with the Long seat back and pedal box if feet are over 11. I'm sure others will chime in but really there is no substitute for sitting in various models and if possible driving them.
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