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2006 Red Exige For Sale -- $42,000

2006 Red Lotus Exige
35,7XX Miles
Clean Title
Located in Venice Beach, CA

I've decided to put my 2006 Lotus Exige up for sale. I've had it for over a year and a half and it is my second Exige. I've also owned an Evora S so am proud to be a part of the Lotus Community (my now wife had an Elise before all of mine!). I bought the car as a stop gap while I purchased a house and did construction. I had a Cayman GTS which was too expensive at the time. The plan was to keep it for about a year when things stabled and sell it. For six months I've debated it because I do love it so much. We all know there is nothing like an Elise/Exige. That being said, I think I'm ready to find something new (Evora GT maybe -- would use the back seats).

The car was purchased from a Lotustalk member in early 2018 and was shipped from NJ. Prior to the purchase I had a PPI done at an authorized dealership out there. They said the car was in good shape but had some recalls that needed to be done. I had the recalls done and shipped it out. I will use the phrase that the dealership used when I asked about the car. He said it was in great shape but was still a 12 year old car. The paint has minor scratches that can only be seen up close. From a few feet away (as I think the images show) the car looks immaculate. Upon receiving the car I immediately had the car serviced and smog tested by A-1. Harry told me the car was in great shape and brought up no issues. I then did a series of modifications which are mostly superficial. All body work has exclusively been done by Mulholland Motorsports. Julio has worked on this car (and my old Evora) and IMO does the best work. I purchased GRP Barge Boards from a LT member (brand new) and an SE Larini Exhaust from Wire Wheel. Both were installed by Mullholand. I had a Momo steering wheel installed but still have the original wheel with airbag. I put on brand new tires (Yokohama Advan) about a year ago which now have about a 1000 miles on them. I have a car cover as well. Best modification by far (IMO) was the exhaust which makes the car sound like a race car. The look of it is great too.

I have an Instagram account @scottc harze (https://www.instagram.com/scottcharze/) if you want to see additional pictures. I have not tracked the car since I've had it. The occasional canyon run, one which I did with the socallotus crew (Malibu). Car is currently in Venice Beach but I can take it to work in Beverly Hills if it's easier for someone to see it.

PM me if interested or you can text me at (three won zero) to five for - for three won nine

I am only posting on this site and maybe rennlist for now. I will then move on to more general car sale sites if doesn't sell. Thanks.

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