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Originally Posted by boxerman View Post
I just got back from 2 days at the glen. The only quicker car there was a 991 GT3 Cup car. I'd like to say its because I am good driver, but realisticaly the exige is just that fast now. For example there was a a hard charging 997 gt3 cup car and the exige was clearly faster everywhere. Not bad for a turnkey track car.

The motec is the biz, the way it controlls traction, my cofidence in the car has grown exponentialy ad that of course leads to more speed.

Frankly after being at the Glen I can say the car turned out better than I expected.
Fantastic, great to hear!

Of course, I must add...GT3's whether the new RS or Cups have never been an issue relating to lap times when compared to my V6 Exige or even the 2-11, but that, IMHO, was "driver and tire-dependent". In my experience, the vast majority of owners of GT4s (street or full competition/race models) or GT3s that hit the track are just not fast "tracksters" and/or they will be running some version of an R-comp street tire.

As for straight line speed----sorry, a Porsche GT3RS or Cup is FASTER, even if the V6 had an additional 100 BHP.

Check out this video of me in the 2-11 coming up on a GT3RS ....at first I thought it was the owner driving so I expected a point-by pass to be easy 'pickins' but then I hung back because the car looked like it was pushing extremely hard and I did not want to get too close in case he spun. Then, I realized it was the driver-coach (a very experienced and excellent race car driver and one of the best instructors at SM) driving--green light for me to push harder. The video tells the story and tires made the difference. Me on slicks, the P-car on Michelin PS Cup 2 R tires

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