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Everything then took a long hiatus until about March. I received a new windshield, new shroud, and new ProAlloy radiator/condenser. After trying to remember what I was actually doing 2 months prior, I mounted the radiator, condenser, and fans together loosely, mounted that all to the inside of the shroud, and dropped the whole thing onto the front of the car. Tightened everything up after doing some slight alignments. I believe it was much easier to do it that way then putting them in piece by piece. Reinstalled the HVAC box/blower motor. New hoses for both the heater core and the radiator.

Important note: Once you install the HVAC box, for the love of your own sanity, put rags/towels anywhere you could drop small items in or around the HVAC box. I dropped one of the metal plates for the AC expansion valve and it fell down flat partially under the HVAC box, and I nearly had an aneurysm. Luckily the plate was steel and I fished it out with a magnet, but you do not want to be performing neurosurgery to get get small parts.

I reinstalled some AC tubing. I got new o-rings from Cold Hose, they had a nice #6-#12 variety pack. Always nice to have extra o-rings in case you drop one. Make sure you use the correct AC oil, and lube up the threads and o-rings prior to reassembly. Also, get a new receiver drier and make sure to install that last in the AC system.
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