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Originally Posted by Jack View Post
Fantastic, great to hear!

Of course, I must add...GT3's whether the new RS or Cups have never been an issue relating to lap times when compared to my V6 Exige or even the 2-11, but that, IMHO, was "driver and tire-dependent". In my experience, the vast majority of owners of GT4s (street or full competition/race models) or GT3s that hit the track are just not fast "tracksters" and/or they will be running some version of an R-comp street tire.

As for straight line speed----sorry, a Porsche GT3RS or Cup is FASTER, even if the V6 had an additional 100 BHP.

Check out this video of me in the 2-11 coming up on a GT3RS ....at first I thought it was the owner driving so I expected a point-by pass to be easy 'pickins' but then I hung back because the car looked like it was pushing extremely hard and I did not want to get too close in case he spun. Then, I realized it was the driver-coach (a very experienced and excellent race car driver and one of the best instructors at SM) driving--green light for me to push harder. The video tells the story and tires made the difference. Me on slicks, the P-car on Michelin PS Cup 2 R tires

The 997 GT3 cup and the 991 Gt3 Cup were lowered cambered cars, no interior(cup cars) running micheln soft compound slicks. A Gt3 Rs is a road car, these were cup cars. The 997 was down to driver, the guy in the 991 knew what he was doing and that car was fast everywhere as it shoud be. Neither one of thsoe were turn key cars, the 997 had a dedicated tech there to help it run and the 991 was the same.

Ill compare than to my car, which has hankook medium compound slicks and I was 6 heat cycles in before the first day. Even still there is no way the exige would catch the 991 Gt3 cup car. They weight 2800lbs or less and have 500+hp, a wide powerband, lots of aero, paddles, 2x gripper tires etc.

Compared to a new GT3 road car, the exige smokes it pretty much everywhere, maybe slightly slower at the end of a long straight, but even then Im not sure. The Glen is also a big and hp track.

All in all Im really impressed with the exige, it came out way better than I expected, and thats rare with any car mod.

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