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Originally Posted by Scott M View Post
Tire Rack now has A052s in the stock sizes for the LSS wheels.
Has anybody had these out on track yet?
My car was down for the track portion of the rally but I got it running again for the Kancamangus highway cruise (think of a minor version of tail of the dragon) on the third day, and I went up with a large group and came back with a couple buddies, and in a group of supercars, absolutely no one could catch the car in the corners. I was trying hard to get the car to squirm or break free in any way shape or form and the new limits are so much greater than they were that I need a serious re-adjustment as a driver.

It's actually made me fall back in love with the car. The difference between these tires and the R888Rs is greater, or at least equal to, the difference I experienced when I went from stock LSS suspension to Penskes's on the same R888Rs.

Now that being said I'm running into rubbing issues at the moment with the 215's up front but I also slammed the car. Front ride height is a tick under 120MM. So I'm certainly pushing the limits.

For example, the tires were picking up very large stones. I found a stone (similar size to what you'd find on a gravel/stone driveway) lodged into the air inlet grills behind the doors.
Also while taking a sharp right hand corner at the top of 3rd the rear tires must have picked up a large stone and sent it flying up and forward, so much so, that it entered the cabin through the passenger window and bounced off the dashboard.
Never seen that before.
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