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I had to chuckle as I realised talking to someone recently that the Lotus is the most "common" car in my garage! Lol..
The Lotus... 1 of 2500 or so in 2005?
None of the ones below are broken out by color... just total models made.
Gxp coupe 5 spd manual.. 1266 coupes.. Turbo manuals..1 of 270
77 TVR Turbo Taimar ... 63 Turbos, only 3 LHD.. this is 1 0f 30 Taimars, and was the 1977 NYC auto show car.
68 TVR Tuscan LWB SE V8 .. 302 powered and 1 of 48 in 4 years
79 TVR 3000S ... 1 of 254 in 2 years
72 TVR 2500... 1 of @ 950... and @ 105 of those with this "hybrid" chassis combo. This has a 302 in it also.

But I really am looking forward to time in the Elise!
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