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Another Exhaust rattle...solved

So when I bought the car it had a horrid rattle that was the usual cat heat shield falling apart.
As time went on a persistent rattle that seemed very obviously exhaust related, like you forgot to tighten a clamp but it resisted all my attempts to find it. Started chasing ghosts, replaced the serpentine belt idler pulley, rebuilt the supercharger, just in case...put a different exhaust.....

Put urethane motor mounts and it became nearly constant.

Finally I had it on the lift and I am looking around and there it is.

Support bracket for the exhaust manifold. One nut and silence!

It is a pretty crappy welding job, I assume a Toyota part, hopefully it is not really needed with a shorter exhaust system in this car. I have a spare manifold I picked up cause I wanted a spare cat, weld is the same[stupid robots]

Vertically centered horizontally just center right you can see the shiny bit where the bracket is broken and polishing itself
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