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FWIW, I have been using a similar rear-view camera/display system sourced from Amazon, albeit wired instead of wireless (Leekoolu is the Chinese manufacturer of it) on my Ariel Atom track car. While it did work relatively fine out of the gate, over a 6 month period, it became more and more unreliable (shutting off randomly mid-session), and now it's completely dead. I am pretty sure it's the display, most likely failing due to heat and vibration.

To arjay's point, many of these Amazon sellers all have pretty crappy build quality, and I would not expect any of them to last long.

I have a VDO display (sourced from Jeg's) on the way to try next, hoping it will be of better build quality, fingers crossed.

There is also a XenArc display that is rated for industrial use that is probably more reliable that i'll try if the VDO display also fails.
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