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I'll play the Devil's Advocate (if you add a "t" and an "a" to San, you get Satan (but also Santa)). A long time ago in the Air Force our workcenter received random 3-digit authentication codes from the Security Forces personnel. Mine happened to be 666. It was classified then, so nobody outside of our workcenter and the Security Forces knew, and I had to wait years to tell the story. But I digress.

I bought my Exige S from a forum member here. I got a great price. The member told me people were offering him land and a tractor and other such nonsense. He had been trying to sell it for months. I PM'd him and we talked shortly after. He said if I bought the car in the next two weeks, he wouldn't need to make a payment and he'd lower the price by a decent amount. The only car I've ever purchased that has appreciated in value, despite my modifications.

Some cars sell fairly quickly here, others don't. Some are overpriced, and typically you'll see a lot of views with no nibbles. That's a good sign the price is too steep.

The time of the year matters here. This time of year people are contemplating putting their toy away for the winter, and the upcoming holidays. They may also be "encouraged" to sell if they aren't driving their toy much. Usually it's a decent time of the year for buyers, and the closer to the end of the year the better. Spring is a better time of the year for sellers.


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