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Originally Posted by arjay View Post

I have a 2010 Exige 240S and struggle with reverse parking on wing mirrors only. I also feel safer being able to see behind the car when on the move (especially here in Spain – crazy drivers and that includes the Old Bill). This means I need a permanent-on system rather reverse-only. I have only recently got the car and don't really know my way round it. Therefore routing cables is like a treasure hunt and I want to avoiding drilling holes if possible. I am also not very experienced with car electronics and DC power. I therefore decided to buy a wireless (W/L) system to save having to find a way to route a single continuous cable from the camera to the monitor either through, round or under the engine bay.

I am reluctant to recommend the system I bought or the supplier – see recent posts in this forum as to why – see post#11 of this link:https://www.lotustalk.com/forums/f157...2/#post5593714 .

However, much of the kit is generic to different suppliers and could easily be put together from what is available on Amazon for much less than I paid. I deliberately paid over the odds to ensure help if I needed it. Never really materialised.

I have tried posting the guide, but quickly exceeded the image insertion limit. Also tried to upload a Word doc but this is also over the doc limit. Grrrrrr.... If you want a copy, PM me with an email address and I'll send you a copy. Sorry about that. Much of it is probably over-elaborate. Anyone with experience in camera setups, routing cables, taking a Lotus apart etc, probably won't find too much to interest them here. But for the rest, there might find a few nuggets.

Note that all directions are described for a LHD car.

Here are a couple of photos of the monitor and the camera as fitted.

The OEM mirror was removed, the adjustable swivel (ball-joint) extracted from the mirror and re-fitted to the back of the monitor. The whole assembly was then reattached to the original mounting plate on the windscreen.

The monitor cable was routed up from the monitor and along the screen to the right, pressed into the gap between the screen and the padding, behind the sun-visors and down the same groove in the pillar, through the empty box to the right of the passenger airbag and then under dash to the wireless receiver. Only a six inch part of the cable-lay is really visible.

Power for monitor and receiver is drawn from a tap off the Auxiliary Power Supply (APS) between the seats and runs under the edge of the central console and up by the back of the pull-out drinks holder to the under-dash receiver. As this is an always-on supply, I fitted a small toggle switch below the APS to turn the monitor and W/L receiver on and off.

Figure 1 - monitor replaces OEM mirror on fully adjustable mounting

Attachment 1140738

The camera is mounted on the RH number plate light fitting. The wiring runs from the fitting up into the boot using the same hole as the right plate light cable. The camera cable then goes under the mats to the W/L transmitter, mounted on the rearmost wall of the boot next to the lights' wiring loom.

Figure 5 – camera fitted above number plate – reasonably unobtrusive

Attachment 1140746

If this looks interesting PM me with and email address or something and I will send you a copy of the guide. It has 14 pages of photos, diagrams and text of the entire installation process. If you need any further help or have comments on my outstanding issues in the guide please post here or PM me.
Can you send me the details also please. D.J. S. C. O. O. P. [email protected].
Many thanks.
Could also do with the manufacturer (not taking as a recommendatio)
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