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Originally Posted by ReDRuM View Post
Great questions.
Yes, the front fenders will be extended to match the sills. The front spoiler 3.0 is going to be re-made now to again match the width also.
This will all be carbon fiber.
I run the car at air temp of 30-36 degrees centigrade. Power level 400whp +, I might even try high torque again in my next engine rebuild.
Magnesium alloy wheels. 10.5 rear 20lb in weight, Hoosier 275 width. 9 front Hoosier 225 - Hoosier are wider than my Toyo 888 for same width.
I'm quite sure I can get enough heat into the tires for them to do the job.
I'll need to drop the car lower too....
I think it looks very promising. I was really hoping you were going to say carbon. I'd guess you might have one more mock-up?

Go big or go home! Who makes the magnesium wheels if you don't mind me asking? If you do mind, PM me. Private messages are private.


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