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Another thought - if you are on the fence about this and worried you might sell the car after say a year of ownership and go into a BMW or similar - why not buy a second hand car that has already taken the depreciation? There are a fair number of people on this forum who only drive the cars on weekends and only when the sun shines (unlike me - 44k so far and use it every day) so purchasing an 05 with less than 10k on it for somewhere in the mid 30s can be a great deal. The cars are generally treasured by their owners and in as new condition. The sellers are often getting out of the Elise for an Exige or sometimes have found they perhaps would prefer more amenities (Boxter or the like). The warrantee is 36,000 miles or 3 years (not sure about the years - someone will correct me if I am wrong) so if you are nervous about that an 06 might be a better bet. But picking up an already depreciated low mileage car from someone here makes a lot of sense.... and you probably could plan a road trip bringing it home

............ Gary

(and with some of the saved money you can do some mods - like add HID low beams, multivex mirrors and a cup holder! - although another advantage, some of them will probably be done by the previous owner!)
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