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Originally Posted by TimMullen
Yep. Nothing like moving to a new country and committing fraud to save a few bucks. Have you ever noticed the wording on the form that you use to declare what you paid for the car? But the wrong value down there, and you could be facing charges for fraud if they decide to check it out.

I haven't bought a used car in 30 years, and was half joking though most people in CA do under report as they just don't check out here for some reason. But, out of idle curiosty, have you ever sold a used car (appliance or anything) to a private party and reported the sale as income on your tax return (even if you took a loss it has to be reported). Have you ever hired a gardener or private person to do work in your home or yard, or baby sitter and paid the appropriate taxes that employers have to pay (it is the law and politicians have been nailed for these transgressions). And, perhaps you haven't Tim, I'm just trying to point out, though all of these are wrong which you are absolutely right in pointing out, some of them have become such common practice its unbelievable and where do you draw the line?

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