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WTB Elise: $30K

Plus a little but definitely minus though

I am on my 7th car right now. I currently have '00 MR2 Spyder and an 04Mustang GT vert. I have always drooled over these cars and definitely have had my taste of a lotus by driving my MR2 for the last year or so. I am in a position to finally get one. I have $15k cash and setting myself up for finance of the rest as soon as i get these other two cars out from beneath me. I am only 21 and dont have like 20 years of credit history behind me so im kind of limited to what my stupid credit allows. Can anyone tell me if it's even feasible to think of finding one of these cars for less than 30k? i have seen them around here and there, but how often does like an 05 come around that sells less than 30k and i in great condition? I see lots of dealers posting on here as well. Any hookup or advice on how to get out of these two cars and get into one of these beauties? thanks for reading this.
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