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Get several cups of coffee - sit down - and spend the best part of a day using the "search" feature.

Obviously search the "for sale" forum history (out of hundreds you'll only find a couple for $30K)

Please also search the "I am thinking of buying an Elise" type postings.
After learning more about the cars (particularly cost of ownership) you may reconsider.

Please don't even think about any of the "salvage but repairable" options as a way of getting a cheap Elise.
Don't take my word for it - go searching.

The car is wonderful and most of us are unashamably addicted - but "drooling over one" and "living with one" ($10K parking bump repair costs and all) are very different things.

The members here will help you tremendously - but they will really appreciate it if you do some work first via the search function and then ask specific questions about the things you've learnt.

Oh - and welcome.....
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