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Yes, you can easily find an Elise for around $30K if you are willing to travel and are open as to color and options. Iíve tracked EBay sales for the last two weeks. The average ďcompletedĒ sales price was $31K and 12K miles with clear titles. Most 2005s are still under warranty so any little problems can be handled.

If you want one with less than 12K miles, you may pay more. If over 12K miles, you may pay less. Here is CA, the average price seems to around $3K more than the EBay average.

Let me now issue a disclaimer before I risk negative comments. Iím not trying to value anyoneís Elise. Iím only providing a statistic. I use EBay because most sellers on the Lotus Forum donít necessary tell what they sold the car for. Some do but many donít. A car is only worth want someone is willing to pay. Only completed sales establish a market. Asking price is no indicator of the market.
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