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I am out of Port Hueneme, CA with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion FORTY. We are on deployment in the Middle East at the moment and finally get back in Feb... We have to go back to Iraq in Mar 09... long story but i was pissed because we were supposed to get to go to Okinawa...

Anyways, I called USAA last night (who i currently have insurance with...) And yes... I was very very very shocked at how much insurance was. I pay $185 full coverage for my convertible mustang GT. The lady on the phone was saying something like $66... i thought i was mis understanding her and thought it was 66 dollars difference coming to about $240... but then she said, "no, it's just $66 a month for the same coverage you have on your mustang" Yeah, i was very shocked. And to make it better... my 'youthful mistakes' are finally getting off of my record. in august when i renew my policy, 3 speeding tickets are coming off. I am in an awesome position and things are just looking better and better...

I also talked to them about the loan and what i plan on doing. i am refinancing the mustang with them and hoping to get a better rate at the same time, then when i go to get financing for the lotus and with the $15k, I will be in a good place. I did lots of research into my options last night and think i have it figured out. I think the next thing to do would be to find the car now.

I want a white, orange, or red, btw...
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