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One more comment for all the bumper geeks who are so glad they don't have the '07's with the 200 # bumpers.

Although the new bumper/rear panel is a little heavier and not quite as pretty as the old piece, it is easy to remove and go to the '06 panels or early '07 rear panel. Or, like many who remove the rear panel all together, once this piece is out, it is just like any other '05 or '06 Elise/Exige. It is not a big deal at all. btw, I just weighed the entire piece, it was 7.4 lbs, while the one from my Elise is 3.0 lbs, big friggen deal.

And who knows, for those who do not want to remove it, it might actually save your rear clam from some cracks and paint scuffs in a minor rear end collosion with another very low car like .............another Elise. OK, that may never happen except during a group drive. But still, all this heartache over 4.4 lbs that many end up removing enyway with a rear panel delete kit.

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