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Originally Posted by Vishus_1 View Post
It looks to me that if these bumpers get any kind of impact it will transfer it to these parts of the clam you have shown that it attaches to (like inside the trunk) - causing some serious damage.

Not that the previous design offered any greater protection - I just don't see this as anything functional. Rather than the damage from a minor impact being evident on the exterior - if this so-called bumper is hit right-on then it transfers the damage to the inside of the trunk (which will likely, ultimately, extend to the outside via stress, vibration or some other means).

Am I missing something?
Nope. That's my take. I will be glad when it is gone.

but... DOH! It looks like I don't have all the parts I need to replace it and mount the diffuse. So I will either be fabricating my own or utilizing next day shipping....
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