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Originally Posted by pixlpush View Post
Well I made it back here's a couple of photo's while I compile the rest and the map. It was absolutely amazing. Crystal clear sky's, cool but not cold, the road literally to myself, I'm so glad I went. Thanks for all the tips it really helped out. Mark this one off the list of things to do before I die, only problem is I think I need to go again!
When the good weather months are back,I would be up for a small well organized weekend group road trip up north! 5-6 cars would be managable with radios and we could stay in Montery, possibly when there is a cool race event happening at laguna seca, or go on up into Napa ? Could take a friday offwork , head up friday day, come back sunday afternoon? At the motor 4 toys show I talked with a cool Elise owner Marc who lives in Montery and drove down for the event! We could hook up with him and some other locals .....

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