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Lotus vs Honda (x2). Honda wins.

I was stopped on 635E between Preston and Hillcrest this morning in a long line getting onto the high 5. The silver Honda behind me just didn't stop. A few go's and stops prior, he actually ended up on the shoulder because he was hitting the gas and breaking late. For some reason that alone was not enough for him to get the picture that he was driving like a tard.

Stuff of note:
Right side door would not open. Right back tire is bent out and would not turn. Engine would not turn over. Battery stayed connected to wires, but was on the right side of the trunk. Trunk won't close. New Tires have 50 miles on them. Had my insurance papers inside the Mesh behind the driver's seat before the wreck. After the wreck, nothing was inside the Mesh as the impact threw everything out.

I'm fine, just really sore. Dr said I would be extra sore tomorrow.


This is the damage on the silver honda:

This is the damage on the white honda accord in front of me:

Flickr link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeffand...7600325511214/

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