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What a bummer! So sorry to hear about your car. I live in the middle of nowhere with very few traffic jams and find myself constantly veering away from other drivers as they take 4 and 5 looks at my car while veering into my lane. Even have people pulling along side me taking pics with their camera phones and swerving into my lane. Sure this guy wasnt taking a picture of your car with his camera phone causing the accident? Almost got rear ended at a stoplight by some fool taking a pic of my car with his cell phone. I stay in a constant state of defense and watch cars behind me and along my sides. I couldnt imagine driving an Elise in a big city with huge traffic jams and high volumes of traffic. And what is it about those fools that just love to race from a mile behind to see your car on the highway and then just ride your bumper at 80mph? I shake 'em loose with more throttle and just walk away from them since the car can go from 80 to 110 in a heartbeat. Most folks dont stick around after 100 mph.

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