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: Maintenance and Repairs.

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  1. Brake Pad DIY Video
  2. Removing 2007 Exige S Throttle Body
  3. How to Fix Round and Stuck/Seized Hex Screws
  4. Elise Fuel door bolt
  5. Lotus Elise Windshield Replacement
  6. Coolant
  7. Tint Suggestions
  8. Muffler shop recommendation in Atlanta
  9. Hail Damage
  10. Evora throwing CEL P0034 - Need Advice
  11. What conditions cause the brake light to come on?
  12. No more reverse after SSC Shift Cable Install
  13. Lotus Excel
  14. How to Measure ECU Output?
  15. Part ID help needed.
  16. Elise Inner Tie Rod (Steering Track Rod) Source
  17. Broken windshield, SoCal shop recommendations?
  18. What is this tool?
  19. Running lights wires fault
  20. Anyone ever played TPMS musical chairs?
  21. Service & Maintenance Los Angeles
  22. Exige leak on top of Transmission
  23. HID lights adjustment
  24. Service/Maintenance in IL
  25. Decel squealing.
  26. Aluminum adhesive?
  27. Fix Your Car's Dents and Dings Inexpensively
  28. Elise front brakes dragging - video attached
  29. Fuel Line at Tank Top
  30. Elige hand brake delete thoughts
  31. RH Headlight Out - No current - Corroded wire or SPM failure?
  32. Need a lotus tech mechanic in Ottawa Canada
  33. CT/NY mechanics?
  34. throttle cable too short after new throttle body
  35. Evora engine bay noise when accelerating
  36. What size is the Transmission drain plug?
  37. Complete Exige rebuild
  38. Elise rear wheel bearing removal
  39. How to repair a loose diffuser rivnut
  40. Paint Cracking/Failure after Repaint, Need Opinions
  41. Can you tell if my toe link nuts have been upgraded?
  42. does the AUTOMATIC PRO work on a Lotus Elise?
  43. does this work with the OBD II port on an Elise? Automatic PRO AUT-350 Connected Car
  44. A better BOE Swirl Pot install method
  45. Using floor jack with side skirts
  46. 05 elise temperature issue
  47. Exige Firewall Changes
  48. Refurbishing the airbag cover back to new
  49. Elise driver door will not stay open.
  50. Leaking clutch fluid
  51. Injector question
  52. Fuel pressure problem
  53. After supercharger install car will not start
  54. Rear Caliper Housing Not Coming Out?
  55. Safe way to remove rust from pulleys?
  56. S2 exige not starting...
  57. Mechanic in Albuquerque
  58. Fuel Return Line to Bottom of Tank?
  59. Aging Front Caliper
  60. TPS issue or not?
  61. Fuel pump replacement
  62. Favorite Writer: Maintenance on Hagerty
  63. Installing BOE 550 injectors, does this look right?
  64. Can someone upload a pic of their motor, behind the vent tubes?
  65. Exige Raised Letters Positioning
  66. TOAD pro OBD and ECU scanner
  67. Prob stupid question: How far should I go to fit these hoses?
  68. Removing Vacuum Switching Valve (VSV) for BOE intake install
  69. Replacing coolant hoses, ? about passenger sill connection
  70. Oil Filter choice: M1-103 or M1-103a?
  71. Inspecting my intake cam for abnormal, wear would appreciate opinions
  72. 2005 NA Elise fuel injectors... a good replacement?
  73. What are people using to remove their Roof weatherstrip?
  74. InoKinetic Champ Radiator install tips
  75. Toyota part number for 2007 Exige S intake cover gasket?
  76. 05' Elise surging at partial throttle
  77. Maintenance Prices
  78. Engine Electrical issues still
  79. Elige latest spring surprise, headliner turned to goo?
  80. Lotus service/repair in smaller cities?
  81. Portland, OR body shop for WELise clam repair?
  82. Can someone confirm B128E6008F as the correct belt for 07 Exige S?
  83. Elige Velcro Headlamp lens to housing?
  84. Two Shops in NNJ for Us
  85. Removing Seized or Broken Bolts
  86. Probably a stupid question, but....
  87. Another P0171 thread
  88. Boe rear panel delete
  89. Which way does the flasher relay go in?
  90. 07 Exige clam removal - stuck clam issue - possible solutions?
  91. 2007 Exige front clam removal - but my headlights are 08+??
  92. Fuel pump metal tab wire
  93. CEL Code P0133 & Poor idle - Resolved
  94. How to: Replace Door lock cylinder
  95. 3d Printable Turn Indicator Repair Clip
  96. Epoxy removal & repair
  97. Nut and Bolt Check Template
  98. Toe Link Upgrade - InoKinetic or BOE & Why?
  99. Misfire causes?
  100. Erratic Idle
  101. Wiper just died...
  102. New owner, First maintenance
  103. 90k maintenance - Input Requested
  104. HVAC Flap Actuators
  105. Chrome Orange color change
  106. Question about OEM oil pressure sensor port
  107. OBDII Scanner w/ iOS
  108. Floor Jack Disk Pad Adapter found
  109. 2005 Elise Hesitant on Cold Start
  110. Repacking a Stage 2 Muffler
  111. Starter or something else?
  112. Help a daughter out
  113. And this is why I don't trust "professionals"
  114. Clean Spark plug threads/tubes?
  115. Elise soft top rear cable replacement?
  116. V-shaped jacks
  117. Help Needed! P0101 MAF intake related issue
  118. How much play in idler and belt tensioner pulley is normal?
  119. NJ Owners - Failed DMV Inspection
  120. Help! Body repair in Norfolk, VA
  121. Valve seals vvc 160cv
  122. Can't get manual unlock on doors to work. Exige
  123. 10mpg & black soot in exhaust pipes
  124. Unusual Starting
  125. Recommendations for Bluetooth OBD II for STFT Reading
  126. P0638 P2104 - CEL, Unable to move
  127. BOE REV 400 Low Fuel Pressure Problem
  128. OBD Scanner
  129. How to Change your Transmission fluid (In depth video)
  130. Fumoto Oil Drain Plug Install and Review video!
  131. Where is my Windshield Washer Hose?
  132. Oil filter - new M1-209 vs. M1-209A
  133. Clutch Position Sensor GM Pt Number ?
  134. turbo is spitting oil
  135. Lotus exige 07 supercharger removal
  136. 2005 Elise noise.
  137. So this happened Saturday...
  138. Exige water pump replacement needed
  139. '07 Lotus Exige clutch
  140. 2011 Exige s260 won't go into gear after oil change
  141. Quick release fasteners - dsuz
  142. Tips on reconnecting interior door handle rod to latch mechanism?
  143. ECU adding on traction control
  144. Elise Soft Top - Front Tension Cable broken
  145. Relocate washer fluid reservoir
  146. Here's what's in a full stainless steel hardware kit.
  147. Transmission Issues - Need Advice
  148. 2002 Elise Alternator issue
  149. Accusump problems for 2011 S260 Sport
  150. Headlight and Grille Needed
  151. Accessing and repairing heater fan
  152. Is my cat gone, or something else?
  153. Air Bag Warning Light
  154. Bleeding coolant system - Need advise
  155. How to tell when master cylinder might be going bad?
  156. Elise Engine rattle repair?
  157. Rear Brembo Piston Lip Cracked Question
  158. Oil leak - Probably gasket?
  159. So, my coolant leaked all over the place...
  160. Brake Warning Indicator on??
  161. Step by Step Elise/Exige Oil change Video Guide
  162. Repairs of Elise by Toyota Dealer?
  163. Elise Soft Top headliner came loose! repair?
  164. SC engine valve cover leak? Related to engine light?
  165. Best way to clean engine bay?
  166. Frozen bolts in brake rotors - ideas?
  167. Elise shift cable lube?
  168. Elise front clam top paint film fit Exige?
  169. Rough cost to fix a minor floor pan dent
  170. Checking steering wheel clunk / jacking up car
  171. what is correct procedure to jack up passenger side of motor?
  172. Warranty work
  173. Anyone order a windshield from DeRoure?
  174. CF dash and the end of off gassing
  175. Best Lotus Elise mechanic in central Ca.
  176. AC Resistor Pack replacement...
  177. 2008 Elise SC w/ AC Aux Drive Belt PN Equivalent
  178. Simple front plate solution
  179. Lotus Elise Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement Instructional Video
  180. Voltage sense R3 5 amp fuse keeps blowing
  181. Diagnosing Tapping Noise From Elise Engine
  182. RH High-beam fuse
  183. Fixed my keyfob lanyard
  184. Battery melted
  185. Trunk Lock Mechanism Separation
  186. Cross referencing Lotus parts
  187. 2007 Exige Front Clam Removal
  188. Trans oil change question
  189. Issue removing diffuser
  190. Cooling fans not working no even when ac is on
  191. Lost Electric Power?
  192. Boosted 05 elise. Trouble
  193. removing oil pan
  194. 2010 Lotus Evora Trans Issue Need Advice or Help
  195. Looking for a reputable paint repair shop near West Palm Beach, FL
  196. How To: Fix Elise/Exige Interior Door Latch
  197. Mexico HP-2009
  198. custom intake - where do i find a replacement filter? (pics)
  199. shell repair...
  200. Rotor damage - Not sure how bad
  201. Minor front lip fiberglass repair - DIY?
  202. Tips? Serp belt and cam check
  203. Ticking from right front wheel?
  204. Shifter Light on Permanently
  205. Premature Piston Ring Wear
  206. Need help finding a product
  207. Oil Catch Can: Sector 111 v BOE?
  208. Fuel Injector Cleaning
  209. Stuck clam
  210. Worried You Might Need Help on the Road? Here's assistance.
  211. Getting an OEM Replacement Clam
  212. Air conditioner condenser blown
  213. Lotus Elise repair shop availability
  214. 05 Elise with supercharger, cylinder 3 not firing
  215. ReVerie CF Diffuser - Heat issues - Need advise
  216. Oil question/recommendations
  217. Condensation Headlight Elise S2
  218. Coolant Renewal
  219. Checking oil level with stock pan
  220. Looking for Pics of lap belt install for 6 point harness
  221. Urethane Jack Pads
  222. Serpentine belt size
  223. No ABS and no light
  224. Crank position sensor
  225. Door Window will not roll up all the way. Where adjustments?
  226. Intermittent ABS light
  227. Fuel Pump
  228. window gap fix?
  229. Alternative for Peak global lifetime antifreeze
  230. Fuel Pump keeps shutting off
  231. Elise maintenance
  232. Quickly darkening brake fluid
  233. DIY fiberglass repair???
  234. 2008 Elise SC Tensioner Pulley
  235. Chronic misting from oil catch - design flaw?
  236. Arcan HJ3000 for Elise
  237. Low Mile Vehicle and Servicing
  238. Is the VSIC subscription service broken?
  239. High Moving Idle Speed
  240. Engine Mount Part #s
  241. 05 Elise won't start
  242. Anyone know what these headlight lens scratches are from? Also, embellisher ring?
  243. Can someone tell me what size torqe wrench I want?
  244. Hardtop screw not screwing in
  245. Lotus Elise Repair Near Norfolk Virginia
  246. replacing filler pipe hose
  247. Question about water in boot PLUS I found the original purchase order in clam!
  248. Gas smell in cockpit
  249. What tools are must-haves for an Elise owner?
  250. Source of knocking located, where to get replacement cable clips?????