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  1. 05 Elise Dash Cluster Dials Misreading
  2. Inertia Switch - Removal for Track Only Cars?
  3. Manual Override for cooling fans
  4. Ignition Fuse Blowing on Dyno
  5. Intermittent connector. Evora 400. Stabilant 22.
  6. How to Troubleshoot Your Relays & Wiring
  7. Exige Elise o2 harness
  8. Elise Driver's Side Turn Signal Assembly Back Ordered Everywhere
  9. Emerald k6 ecu
  10. Multi-color LED Headlight switches
  11. Can this steering wheel be salvaged?
  12. Elise - No voltage on R1 fuse
  13. Custom Start Button
  14. Garw Display issues - help!
  15. Exige v6 cup horn wiring
  16. 2006 Exige No start, MFRU clicking
  17. 2006+ T4E 48 pin ecu pinout
  18. AIM dash functions wiring?
  19. 08 cluster LCD replacement
  20. Connectors on Sport/Traction control buttons
  21. Strange Exige grounding issue
  22. Is it OK to use the front jump point as a 12v and ground source?
  23. Radar detector hardwire question
  24. The definitive "how to disable the airbag light" thread
  25. Need help ID'ing power sources for 12v constant, switched, and accessory switched
  26. Single Din Upgrade Options (Marine?)
  27. Help Diagnose Fan Issue on 2007 Elise (Low Speed works High Speed Does Not)
  28. Instrument Cluster Connector?
  29. Buying Braille/Deka battery NCI bracket from RLS (really light stuff)
  30. Insulating The 2ZZ-GE Spark Plug Extension
  31. Relay help...
  32. DYI 06 LED Tails on 05 Elise Step by Step??
  33. Alpine CDA-117 volume is super low
  34. New LED tail light replacement option for Elise/Exige
  35. 2005 Elise Windshield Wiper Not Working - Fuse OK and Wiper Stalk Replaced
  36. Power lock actuator?
  37. S2 to Kseries wiring with kpro4
  38. Anybody know of wireless parking sensors? Something that's completely wireless?
  39. fellow socal owners - I NEED URGENT HELP (gauge cluster problem)
  40. Switch pack module
  41. Alarm beep codes when locking the doors on 2005 Elise
  42. calculate resistor values?
  43. Fuse 16 Blown Parking Lights Out - Short
  44. Driver Side Headlight / Driver Side Brake Light Issue
  45. 2005 Elise Wiring short
  46. Add-a-circuit + negative under dash
  47. Have the latest Voltphreaks batteries been pretty non-explodey?
  48. 2005 Multi Function Relay Unit different from other year? Lotus only shows 1 part #
  49. Does Multi Function Relay Unit also controls Fuel Injectors?
  50. Switch Pack Module Failure...
  51. Windshield Washer Connection Location
  52. New circuit question Exige
  53. Finding a sidelight wire
  54. Odometer and trip not working.
  55. Rearview Mirror Monitor
  56. AIM MXL Data Cable question
  57. ECU T4e Connector latche brocken
  58. 111R change mph and F to kph C
  59. Amplifier Install RCA Cable Length Question
  60. Electrical Connection Issue Elise
  61. Cable Routing from Footwell to Center Console
  62. Using AC power for Powered Subwoofer?
  63. Headlight Gremlin
  64. Oops -- accidentally cut HID bulb wire. OK to crimp?
  65. Location of Flasher Relay in a 2013 Evora?
  66. No power to fuse 17 - LH Dip Beam (Headlight) is dead.
  67. ABS light comes on only in the afternoon
  68. Stock Exige running lights?
  69. Anyone have power door locks start going up and down on its own?
  70. 08+ CANBus info?
  71. A little different air horn mount
  72. Deka EXT20L Battery Bracket (NCI/RLS) fitment issues...anyone else?
  73. Installed a LED strip w/ Custom 5V Regulator
  74. OBD2 port to ECU wire path?
  75. good list of alternative part numbers and applications for Lucas SFB192 flasher relay
  76. Is this an oem key for 2005? Help
  77. Help! Route a cable from grill to cockpit?
  78. New Key Fob in the works
  79. Broken hazard switch = non-functioning signal lights?
  80. Mystery electrical noise from firewall
  81. Help Identifying Bulb
  82. Looking for Recommended sandwich plate adaptor for gauges
  83. Is it normal for the multifunctional relay to click?
  84. Broken wire on Elise
  85. Diasble alarm but maintain remote lock featureq
  86. FirstPower FPM20-12 battery
  87. Narrow band O2, swap to wide band
  88. Fuel pump operation?
  90. Reflash ECU for AIM MXS
  91. It's 12 degrees out and the auxillary radiator fan is on . . . ?
  92. Kill switch - Ignition circuit
  93. Airbag ECU
  94. Evora S - Alpine INE-S920HD - Pin & MicroBypass Install
  95. Idiot Oil Light flashing at 4k RPM
  96. LED drivers burning up. Load dump protection?
  97. Help: HVAC fan selector wiring problem
  98. All dash lights came on and tach and speedo stayed in position
  99. Switched power in the boot/trunk? Or trunk wiring schematic?
  100. Help! Key Fob Will Not Unlock 2005 Elise
  101. 05 Elise alternator replacement
  102. Electrical Connector Help
  103. Battery dead, car stuck on trailer, need advice
  104. spare fuse box
  105. Oil Temp Indicator
  106. Need help, huge question, ODO replacements
  107. Multi-camera video system, do they exist?
  108. black boxes
  109. Passenger Side Fuse Location
  110. I am killing alternators - why?
  111. Re: Some help with wiring for DASH2 Pro
  112. Exige style charging port for the Elise
  113. Flashing Traction Control Button - 2005 Elise
  114. Cigarette light fuse replacement?
  115. Power Window Switch - Replacement
  116. Looking for 12V wire while running only
  117. Broken Light Green (Lime Green) Cable
  118. HUD, anyone
  119. Oil Pressure Gauge install - HELP
  120. Dave's mystery wire thread pleas help I'd
  121. Installing Shift Lite
  122. Traction control dia.
  123. Knock Sensor Connector Removal
  124. Elise electrical problem: brake lights flickering and other symptoms
  125. Pioneer AVIC-X940BT Map Update?
  126. HUD Unit Installed for Speedo Correction
  127. new pertronix, need amplifier? (87 Esprit)
  128. Speed signal
  129. SDM Programming
  130. Switched wire in trunk?
  131. wiring question
  132. Swapping push buttons LEDs
  133. White EL panel for gauge cluster modification.
  134. instrument cluster firmware mod
  135. [Instrument Cluster Modification] A brief guide to upgrading your needles and LCD
  136. Wire diagram to engine start button
  137. Instruments not working 05 Elise
  138. Tricky problem
  139. speedo/tach cuts out
  140. Door Locks Won't Go Down - Center Console Switch
  141. Help taillight harness plug
  142. Double din and subwoofer
  143. Tachometer is dazed and confused
  144. Immobilizer bypass, now car wont start?
  145. Need help-A/C, recirc and fans all stopped working!
  146. OBD connection kills instrument cluster
  147. Dash lights not working even with dimmer switch
  148. Start button light on all the time....any ideas?
  149. Front fuse box cover
  150. Speedo Needle Fix
  151. Dead battery resolution?
  153. Horn connector?
  154. AEM failsafe wideband .... FAILURE!
  155. 2.2lb battery
  156. Elise Start/Run without Cluster
  157. Corrosion on electronics - JT Still around?
  158. Speedo and tach not working, please advise.
  159. ignition switch won't turn off
  160. Gauge Cluster Repair (Sourcing Terminals)
  161. Mfru question
  162. Ecu not getting speed signal???
  163. '06 Exige dip beam out
  165. Start switch bypass + Ignition switch replacment
  166. radio installation prices
  167. Are these speakers decent? will they work?
  168. dead dash cluster
  169. 05 vs 11 wiring?
  170. Ignition switch spring
  171. Starter button failures
  172. IAT Sensor Wiring Help Needed For 06 Exige N/A to Exige S Conversion
  173. 2 Questions about the stock radio in "base model" 2006 Elise
  174. Digital Dash in 2011
  175. Lotus Elise R OBD2 Torque Pro Android
  176. Driver window switch has a mind of its own!
  177. Third brake light out...can't pass inspection. Help
  178. No crank after BOE Rev 400 install - Lotus Exige
  179. Help!..How do you disable ignition buzzer on 05 Elise?
  180. Mystery cables!
  181. High beams randomly flashing & dash random too
  182. has anyone used a Soundstream VR-345 headunit? single din w/ back up camera
  183. Raise power window without switch?
  184. Airbag module location???
  185. Swapp 1ZZ 2007MY to 2ZZ with compressor 2008MY
  186. Alarm fuse fried, shorted dome light, help!
  187. 12 V Switched On Power Wire
  188. power widow passenger side
  190. Digital gear indicator
  191. Would Missing oil sump sensor stop car starting?
  192. Esprit V8 Unknown Wiring connector
  193. Horn doesn't work, security system also may be affected
  194. Unknown Electrical Connector
  195. Oxygen sensor connection question
  196. Wiring Diagram Question
  197. Baffling electrical problem
  198. AiM MXL2 Dash
  199. Door switch replacement?
  200. HELP!!! Battery is bursting and need advice
  201. Measuring quiescent current draw
  202. car won't start
  203. Airbag light on ?????
  204. wiring problem, please help ! :-)
  205. ABS light on / seat belt light not working either
  206. Can I hotwire the seat belt warning?
  207. 08+ cluster immobilizer light stays on with key removed
  208. Instrument cluster cutting out.
  209. 2006 elise relay locations
  210. Fuse Tester
  211. OK, tripometer is way off...
  212. wipers in reverse...
  213. 2005 Lotus Elise - Alternator Problem(?)
  214. Stock vs Stebel Horns Video comparison
  215. 2010 Evora: please help!
  216. Need help for Shift-i light installation
  217. Drive-by-Wire Cruise Control - installation report
  218. SOLAR powered Battery Tender now available
  219. Tablet In Dash | ELA Automotive UI
  220. Post Cool in-Car IPHONE Apps Here...
  221. aftermarket cluster on k20 swap
  222. DashCommand plus iPad Mini plus CD Slot Mount - Check it out!
  223. stack st8130 street legal dash displays, anyone?
  224. Is my gauge cluster on the way out?
  225. 2011 Elise Instrument Cluster Death and Revivial
  226. Tach/Speedo off even after a reset, any ideas before i replace it?
  227. Electronics Guys - Help Me Out With Light Switch Thing...
  228. Need Pics/Info on Headlight Switches/Panel
  229. Cool Mod - Garage Door Opener Switch`
  230. Wiring question - rewiring start button/key
  231. mil-spec wiring and k powered specialist
  232. 06 Elise wont start. Fuel pump? Any suggestions?
  233. I need a "constant" power source in the trunk.
  234. LOTUS Elise Wiper issue No parking position No 3rd gear
  235. Hi speed fan not working when ac is on but...
  236. need some electrical help
  237. Tach reading incorrectly?
  238. Airbag light comes up again
  239. No Power to Instrument Cluster
  240. Wiring for power windows ?
  241. Power window issue 05 Elise
  242. Flickering Headlight fix
  243. Left turn signal blows fuse, right turn is fine
  244. 06 Elise Blowing Fuses
  245. Starter solenoid not getting power
  246. Short engine stutter while turning + battery light up
  247. High pitched buzz driver side firewall
  248. How can I make it stop Beeping?
  249. Immobilizer / Alarm light flickering
  250. Alarm/Battery Question