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: Intake and Exhausts

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  1. Which exhaust is this?
  2. Love the Plack Exhaust on my Evora S
  3. Aston Martin Valkyrie sound from an Exige, is it possible?
  4. Inokinetic Sonic Fury vs BOE ST on an Exige s240?
  5. Temping header and pipe
  6. Power Loss After De-Cat
  7. Anyone using a generic catch can setup?
  8. OEM Filter vs. ITG Drop in filter
  9. Which Decat to get?
  10. Fujita on a Supercharged Elise?
  11. Need help on Larini Clubsport and SE
  12. White Exhaust Valves?
  13. Larini manifold install problem!
  14. Changing exhaust and rear panel for first timer
  15. Header that fits Larini Track Exhaust
  16. Sonic Fury from Inokinetic
  17. Elise SC 2009 O2 Sensor
  18. Anyone Running Arqray With Supercharger
  19. Larini SC twin versus oval
  20. Modern Header options
  21. Cup airbox mod
  22. S111 Eliminator vs BOE eliminator
  23. Larini inside... and a question about packing material
  24. Reverie Daytona Mod
  25. 2bular exhaust question!?!?!?
  26. What exhaust is this?
  27. Titanium Arqray
  28. Looking for exhaust recommendation for daily driver
  29. Helmholtz chambers in F1
  30. 06 Elise with factory SC and a stage 2
  31. Supercar exhaust for Lotus
  32. BoE Low Exit Options
  33. Need a picture of the inside of a Larini Sport exhaust can for an Elise
  34. 2bular 2ZZ-GE 8" re-packable thru diffuser will not clear diffuser
  35. RLS intercooler raw aluminum or powdercoaded.
  36. Lotus Exige S - 2bular 6" - Too Loud???
  37. Help ID this exhaust????
  38. Arqray exhaust cat
  39. Under 90 DB on the track?
  40. Titanium Exhaust for Exige
  41. Stock air filter? Where to buy?
  42. Exhausted with Exhausts
  43. Exige Header Install Question
  44. WTF, was I sold the wrong exhaust? (Larini)
  45. Help identifying a muffler
  46. Thoughts on Larini Club Sport vs BOE ST
  47. Any comments on Larini Sport Exhaust with Katana-2 on an '05 Elise
  48. Smoke near rear driver tire after exhaust install
  49. Objective comparison of BWR Quarter Stick, ST, and ST-5
  50. Subjective comparison of Borla & BWR Quarter Stick
  51. Stage II Janspeed Cracked Welds
  52. Smooth Tube Intake
  53. Evora Larini Clubsport Valved Exhaust Questions
  54. TRD airbox on 08 Elise SC ???
  55. Pops and gurgles
  56. FLAMES & BACKFIRES: Which System To Buy?
  57. Does anyone have the Hangar111 Signature twin exit Exhaust?
  58. Repacking a Larini muffler - pictures or details?
  59. Air filter Change to BOE ITG Drop In
  60. Do you know what it is ?
  61. Is toyota air filter replacement part number the same
  62. Anyone have this Dual Exhaust from Eliseparts?
  63. Borla exhaust sound on an Elise
  64. Strait Pipe
  65. Stock vs Stage 1 vs TopSpeed Pro1 ?
  66. Blown Diffuser: not really ...
  67. Larini SE Install (over the diffuser, dual tip)
  68. MAF o-ring source/size?
  69. Exhaust recommendations anyone?
  70. Pre X Flow Dual Weber manifold for Lotus Seven
  71. Valve Stem-Guide Clearance
  72. Any specific reccomendations for ITG intake cleaning & re-oiling?
  73. Where to buy an o2 sensor bung plug?
  74. SoCal (Los Angeles Area) Exhaust Shop?
  75. Exhaust quieter?
  76. Plastidip for diffuser and rock guards?
  77. Larini Sports Exhaust next to OEM; and installed pics (semi-review)
  78. Bored - modded Larini exhaust...
  79. BWR Moving Sale on PPE Headers/decat/cat!
  80. Made a heat shield for header
  81. Anyone know what exhaust this is?
  82. Downpipe bolt torque
  83. Cup Box Air Intake - Gasket
  84. Above Diffuser Exhaust & Ripping Out Heat Shield
  85. Change Air Filter/DeSnorkel - TIPS
  86. 8" 2bular and Clam Hinge
  87. New DMC Header for NA cars
  88. Muffler delete
  89. 2nd O2 sensor without cat?
  90. Is this a stock exhaust or ?
  91. Exhaust Advice
  92. Where can I buy the cat delete/test pipe?
  93. Muffler contacting rear panel
  94. Quality, Budget friendly Exhaust sales feeler.
  95. Vacuum leak.... injector leak?
  96. Charge Cooler for V6?
  97. How to I get AIT temps without a data logger?
  98. My opinion of the OBX header
  99. LARINI "TRACK" MUFFLER: Thoughts?
  100. Aftermarket header to decat flange question
  101. What to consider when installing a sport cat
  102. Can anyone identify this exhaust?
  103. O2 sensor help please
  104. Is there a way to inspect/test catalytic converter?
  105. anyone in CT with aftermarket rear panel exit exhaust?
  106. What exhaust is this?
  107. Best CEL light solution?
  108. Exhaust clamp question
  109. Exige S - Straight Pipe Exhaust VIDEO
  110. Toyota Throttle Parts # needed
  111. Boe intake gasket
  112. How difficult is it to install headers with clam on?
  113. OEM Elise exhaust on Exige S240?
  114. Weapon R header ??
  115. ITG Cold Air Intake?
  116. Glasspack anyone?
  117. BOE Silent Touch Exhaust installed w/ low exit. Question: Tip too low?
  118. Exhaust for '08 SC - Larini Club Sport or SC Sport
  119. K&N Apollo with or without snorkel?
  120. How hard is tracking on an exhaust?
  121. List of TUV Approved Exhaust for Lotus Exige 2ZZ-GE
  122. For the people with a Decat + CEL
  123. Does anyone else think the larini sounds "riceish"
  124. ppe headers + larini se
  125. TRD Air box....which filter?
  126. Help!!! Someone identify my exhaust squeal...
  127. Compatible headers?
  128. Exhaust question.
  129. MAF sensor cleaning
  130. Exige Stage ii straight piped, too loud, need suggestions
  131. Possible to NOT shoot flames with decat/stock exhaust?
  132. I want a better exhaust but I want to retain the OEM look
  133. PPE catalyst issue
  135. Toyota part # for gasket, exhaust manifold to downpipe?
  136. 2006+ Throttle Body Options
  138. Where to buy larini silenced decat
  139. New DRS Race Header
  140. Melted and Dislodged PPE Sport Catalytic Converter
  141. Buying a 2Bular!!
  142. Exhaust Manifold Stay - Is it Important?
  143. Props and maybe a bit of crow eating
  144. Exhaust Leak???
  145. Intake Recommendation
  146. Turbo-like noise from the air intake
  147. Intake Issue
  148. Weapon R Headers on Exige S240
  149. Dont know what exhaust to get for my Lotus
  150. Minor Upgrades = +18 WHP to a NA 2ZZ Engine
  151. 2Bular Header Question
  152. Innovate AFR gauge schematic
  153. Does stock exhaust get louder over time?
  154. Exige exhaust manifold removal
  155. Quicksilver Exhaust Promotion at AMNE / Lotus Motorsports... ACT FAST!!!
  156. Cup-car air-box replacement filter p/n?
  157. Having trouble removing maf
  158. Anyone have black exhaust tips?
  159. Stock Airbox
  160. Exhaust Repack
  161. Anyone heard a Larini and 2Tubular exhaust on an Evora?
  162. Loss of low end torque with an aftermarket exhaust?
  163. ST-5 and drone
  164. My Larini SE exhaust sound video
  165. Von Hep vs Silent Touch vs ST-5
  166. Silencing the Intake
  167. OEM vs K&N vs ITG air filter
  168. HKS RSR Cold-Air Intake require tune?
  169. Power vs. Sound
  170. I finally figured out why my Elise is so loud!
  171. Lotus Elise Larini Sports Exhaust
  172. Exige S - Is a High Flow Cat Worth the $$
  173. great cheap source for melted rear euro reflectors
  174. Larini 8" Exhaust Failure
  175. Sport Cat
  176. Will Larini SC Sport Shoot Flames?
  177. anyone tried the hangar111 signature dual exhaust?
  178. Exhaust Bunges where to buy?
  179. My Larini SE/Euro style installation and thoughts
  180. OEM Muffler vs. Larini Clubsport with Oval Tip Muffler
  181. 2bular headers and lotus sport stage 3 exhaust fitment
  182. Need help with a valuation situation intake...
  183. 2Bular 6x18 Exhaust - Exige S
  184. Where to buy oval exhaust tip?
  185. Help with tranny/gears!!!
  186. Does the snorkel do anything?
  187. Larini SE Exhaust on Supercharged Elise
  188. DIY Intake/Air Box mod
  189. Larini SC Sport vs Tubular Equivalent?
  190. Exhaust temps
  191. Muffler suggestions requested
  192. Which 2bular to get?
  193. Supercharged Elise Exhaust please? Info?
  194. HELP! Larini 8in vs VF Exhaust
  195. White smoke + codes after car wash
  196. Stage II VS Top Speed Pro1 exhaust
  197. Has anyone actually measured the decibel for Larini SC Sport exhaust?
  198. O2 sensor plugs
  199. What do you with the brackets after a rear panel delete?
  200. muffler packing material for silent touch (coast fab eaxhausts)
  201. Found the exhaust hole coverplate at S111...
  202. Silent Touch Rebuild tips
  203. Larini 6" above diffuser exhaust installed
  204. Exhaust joint antiseize?
  205. Correct tightening sequence for header 2ZZGE
  206. Recognize this exhaust? (video+image)
  207. Slight fuel smell
  208. Manifold/decat advice (2bular or PPE)
  209. Pics needed: Standard Exige airbox vacuum lines
  210. 1971 Lotus s2 Europa carb problem
  211. Time for a new exhaust - BOE, Larini or Borla?
  212. Recognize this exhaust?
  213. Larini SE Sport Style vs Stage II Drone
  214. Help Me with Exhaust Tip - Von Hep - ADVICE NEEDED
  215. Anyone have Sector 111 Trackpipe?
  216. [Pic] Finally, I did a decat to my Elise SC, much LOUDER now.
  217. New exhaust and sound dampening
  218. WTB: Stock airbox for Exige S
  219. Has anyone built their own intake mainfold?
  220. Can anybody explain why this is happen to my CAT??
  221. P0420 CEL
  222. S&F Sports Exhaust
  223. Rear Panel Trim for Larini SE install
  224. 2Bular Decat with Larini Exhaut??
  226. Larini SE install problem?
  228. How much air filter "area" do I need?
  229. Exhaust install
  230. Ported Stock Header....Who's done it?
  231. Custom exhaust setup for an NA Evora - assistance needed.
  232. Stage II repair possible?
  233. Varex Muffler
  234. Installed TopSpeed Pro but rattles at idle :( Any ideas?
  235. Nitrous Kits On Elise or Exige
  236. 2bular in San Diego?
  237. Intake Loose
  238. Quieter muffler ?
  239. Intake question
  240. Pre O2 sensor Fell off
  241. Opinion: HKS Exhaust for Elise N/A
  242. Radium Auto Dual Catch Cans on 2011 Elise SC
  243. New rear valence + VF exhaust
  244. Smog check with Arqray exhaust
  245. REVIEW: 2bular 4-1 exhaust, race cat and euro mufflers
  246. Leaking Quarter Stick Exhaust
  247. stage 3 cams and N/A
  248. Need Advice on Air Filter
  249. Anyone try the HKS Racing Suction Intake Kit ? 70020-LL001
  250. Anyone know what this is?