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: Engine Control (ECU)

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  11. How fast should datalogging be?
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  13. Anyone has installed aem ems4?
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  16. More often then not erratic idle when stopped, after BOE Torque 300 tune and mods.
  17. Does anyone have an old copy of the Koldfire cable software + driver?
  18. Bosch EV14 750cc Latency/dead times
  19. BOE Torque 300 > more frequent stalling
  20. Looking for the OEM ECU file Lotus elise supercharged
  21. Comms failure EMS
  22. Strange Lost of Power
  23. 07 Exige S t4e and fastworks logging issues
  24. All 2005 2ZZ's with Forced Induction- Read
  25. What T4 ECU applications exist?
  26. Lotus parts number....I don't get it....
  27. How to Partially DIY Set the VIN in the ECU for your 2005 Lotus Elise
  28. Evora ECU dump
  29. T4e ECU Editor (preview)
  30. P1302 after Katana265 tune
  31. ECU SC Swap
  32. Elise factory sc ecu remap
  33. Online EFI Tuning courses
  34. Knock event when blipping
  35. Any Greddy Emanage 2gr tuners on the East Coast?
  36. Fastworks Controldee Box
  37. Saving an ECU dump with FastWorks??
  38. knock.retard.allowed
  39. So what's the deal with KoldFire?
  40. T4e 2008+ ECU VIN Change DIY
  41. Elise/Exige ECU Part # A120E6501 Which Years?
  42. Daft Disassembly
  43. Can I use Windows surface PC with BOE fastworks?
  44. Some weird issue I have..
  45. EFI X2 Car cranks but does not start
  46. Anybody know Pull Up Resistor resistance in the stock T4e?
  47. Too rich ?
  48. Exige S240 ECU / Injectors -> Upgrade for an Elise SC?
  49. Where to get tuned in SoCal??
  50. AFTER reseting ECU
  51. Fastworks server down?
  52. EFI X2 ECM
  53. CharlieX tune, o2 delete?!
  54. Incomplete Readiness Monitors for Evap and O2 Heater
  55. Best tune for 2008 Elise SC?
  56. How to adjust idle in Fastworks?
  57. CAN Bus or not CAN Bus 2007?
  58. running a racing dash/datalogger with stock ECU and motor
  59. Pinout diagram for 06 ecu?
  60. Do I need a re-tune to run bigger injectors ?
  61. vipec I88 ECU
  62. Good iPhone Software for Elm327
  63. Advice Needed for IAT Sensor install onto BOE Rev310 kit
  64. anyone have a stock ECU I can borrow?
  65. ecu/tuning upgrades for 2008 Exige s 240
  66. can not read ECU with OBD II
  67. ECU Suggestions?
  68. OBD not reading after battery dead
  69. Eliseparts ECU (any good?)
  70. Anyone with BOE Fastworks Level 1 Experience?
  71. BOE Fastworks Level 1 Connection Issues
  72. Torque Pro and AFR
  73. obd port not connecting
  74. Vision Function NA Tune comparison
  75. Re-mapping for stock T6 ECU
  76. WTB or Info on Wiring Harness for K20 swap
  77. What do we know about Volumetric Efficiency based systems?
  78. Break in the monotony! True Lotus question!
  79. Standalone ECU Help
  80. Mis-matched Engine Type. Do I Need the ECU Re-Flashed
  81. Factory Sport ECU Emissions Testing?
  82. ECU removal instructions
  83. Fastworks Level 2 User Help
  84. ECU help!
  85. High Tech Knock Sensor
  86. Command to initiate data dump
  87. Cable and SW to reset ECU
  88. Got the FastWorks tune
  89. DRS bolt-on gear shift sensor for Quaife Seq Box
  90. AEM EMS idle fluctuation issue?
  91. Ferrari of Denver -Elise Oil cooler line Replaced
  92. Adaptronic ECU Help
  93. ECU gremlin
  94. SSC PiP ECU (Adaptronic)
  95. Power vs engine temp
  96. Reflash or custom tune solve PO630 code?
  97. Diagnostic Help needed: Bank One 2 Rich
  98. Lotus ECU in Caterham
  99. Tuning Software: Stock Lotus ECU
  100. how do you tell if the car is kf flashed or not?
  101. ECU Dump / Log questions
  102. VIN in ECU does not match the chassis VIN
  103. Kold Fire ECU help please
  104. ECU tune.....Charlie X
  105. RADIUM AEM EMS kit sale...$1995!
  106. Does anyone know what this ECU block is?
  107. East Coast Group Tuning Session?
  108. ECU Questions
  109. EFI with radium ecu header?
  110. anonymous and civil survey of aftermarket tunes
  111. Spinout from tuning 06-07 thread - other vendors and products - please keep it civil
  112. Koldfire cable won't get recognized on any laptop
  113. Stand Alone Ignition
  114. Koldfire tune help
  115. Using an 93 octane tune with 91 fuel on a n/a Evora?
  116. ECU Pinout
  117. ECU UPDATE 2007 EXIGE S
  118. ECU for 2006 NA Exige Question
  119. Required Hardware for 300HP Exige
  120. DRS Shift-Cut Calibration Video
  121. Anyone have the calibration table for BOE's intake air temp sensor IAT?
  122. DRS X2 EFI Tuning Tips and FAQ
  123. Bench test Elise ECU ?
  124. ECU dump in Richmond, VA?
  125. Could you give me the flashing tool for my OBD cable ?
  126. Technical Details about Stock ECU Tuning
  127. What other features for the stock ECU?
  128. Tuning Help Please!
  129. Rough idle, CEL, decat
  130. SSC Plug in Performance ECU Development
  131. It's Here! Radium Plug-n-Play EMS for Elise/Exige
  132. Radium ECU Solution
  133. ECU Upgrade advice?
  134. Lost one of the 4 nuts that hold down ECU...what are they?
  135. Recommended ODBII Scanner?
  136. Lotus Dealer can't connect smog computer up due to CAN network?
  137. Hunting idle (can't pass smog as a result)
  138. Kold Fire 270 tune at Altitude??
  139. Need Help: misfire when altered stock timing
  140. ECU reflash necessary?
  141. Review of Koldfire 270 tune from BOE Fabrication (Exige S)
  142. No CEL....why not?
  143. ECU Wiring diagram 2008 S240
  144. BOE reflash ROCKS!
  145. Anyone Experience Stalling AFTER The Koldfire Tune?
  146. Fitting Euro ECU to Federal Exige (06)
  147. Happy Koldfire customer!!!!!!!
  148. Possible to put a LED light to light up when lift timing VVTLI kicks in?
  149. Need help diagnosing a problem. Possibly ECU.
  150. Normal AFR For an S240 With Koldfire Tune?
  151. "Street" or DIY Dyno experience?
  152. Tuning session with Jermaine today in Phoenix
  153. DRS Installs X2 PnP on 211 GT4
  154. Resetting ECU by pulling R4 fuse???
  155. Rev limit advice
  156. Anyone have the VF Exige S2 Tune?
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  158. ECU dump....what to look for
  159. Simply Sports Cars Plug in Performance ECU tried and tested!
  160. Post Cat O2 SEnsor Heater
  161. Cracked ECU?
  162. DRS 32 Hp gain on 211 from tuning only
  163. 2005 T4 ECU Headers In Stock-RADIUM Engineering
  164. UniChip Information
  165. ECU Reflash and Air Bag Light
  166. Upgrading fuel pump - new tune required?
  167. Anyone in HK will go for Kold's flash
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  170. CAN BUS Question
  171. MoTeC M400 and Exige instrument cluster...
  172. 05-06 Elise owner with access to a scantool
  173. Map from EFI turbo guy please
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  176. KF200: 122mph speed governor?
  177. OBDII flash hardware from Germany
  178. Stand alone and the daily driver
  179. iphone app rev
  180. Can the stock ECU do fuel trims by individual cylinders?
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  182. HELP PLEASE EFI ecu and/or wiring problem
  183. 2ZZ ECU tech whitepaper?
  184. Disconnected the Neg. post on battery to install decat, now car runs rough (EFI 1.2)
  185. Strange coincidence...
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  187. Recommended ODB Reader
  188. Hiccup under power - 07 Elise w/Katana
  189. S260 ECU, anyone?
  190. Differentiating between ecus
  191. Swapping ECU´s
  192. HELP!!! : I Need 05 DBC TVS Map
  193. Octane value in Hong Kong
  194. T4 (2005) ECU Removal
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  197. Tune for NA Elise?
  198. Sport Ecu Identification
  199. EFI manifold pressure vs. RacePak Boost sensor
  200. Lotus Elise car stalling problem
  201. ECU dump. How much and what Info?
  202. I need a CAM bus electrical expert to Run Lotus Dash off LS1 or LS3 computer
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  204. Any Kold Fire 3.2" Pulley Tune Users?
  205. Non Toyota Engine Swap questions-ECU, dash?
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  211. what years interchange ECU information
  212. Coil on plug, square wave ?
  213. Any interest in Cobb Access Port for Lotus?
  214. Standalone reflash tool
  215. Wiring Diagram
  216. To you ECU gurus...
  217. Help reading live data for P0171 CEL
  218. Post O2 sensor connector: where to get it?
  219. NA ECU options?
  220. ECU experts needed
  221. Quick question
  222. How to entend the ECU wire from the engine bay to the truck?
  223. OBD software comparisons
  224. Scanner recommendations please
  225. Expansion Harnesses for EFI users
  226. Horsepower Chip?
  227. DRS tuning with e85
  228. Tuning options for 2005 Exige with Turbo
  229. OBDKey + Rev2 iPhone. Not working.
  230. Digital Clock and Service Tell Tale
  231. Bad ground causing ECU reset?
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  233. Too much car washing...thanks EFI
  234. Anyone have the Kold-Fire 270 ECU Upgrade?
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  237. Does Exige ECU can be use on Elise ECU?
  238. EFI resets
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  242. Gotham + kiwi
  243. Gotham + Header
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