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: Powertrain (Engine, Transmission, etc)

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  1. Power Loss After De-Cat (follow-up)
  2. Cars stalls after hard driving
  3. Inokinetic CG/GS Shifter Cables?
  4. Engine noise between 4K and 4.3K rpm
  5. Break-in Method for Built Engine
  6. Transaxle driveshaft ring?
  7. VF Supercharger Nose Cone Bracket
  8. 4th gear slippage
  9. DMC Ultimate 2ZZ header & stock cat?
  10. Vacuum leak?
  11. Letsa install notes
  12. S3 Elise Shift Mechanism
  13. Nothing like “Limping” into work 😩
  14. Transmission help! Please óó-
  15. Best mod
  16. Evora CV joint angle. Rally spec!
  17. Elise 06 check engine / low compression
  18. Anyone tried fitting the new Lotus Open Shifter?
  19. Elige reverse lockout permanent disable?
  20. ACT HDSS Install - Pressure Plate Springs OK?
  21. Question on SSC shift cable length
  22. Gearbox oil for Elise 111R?
  23. Trans Popped out of 4th gear
  24. 2005/2011 Elise OEM muffler/exhaust fitment
  25. Toyota 2ZZ-GE: Heavy Blow by
  26. Shifting Issues
  27. General Costs of a Honda K24 swap
  28. Rod knock, no metal in oil or oil pressure warning
  29. New Tranny needed
  30. Re-installing Cam Gear Issues
  31. Hardware upgrade recommendations before new tune
  32. Upgrading engine mounts on an 07...worth it to do the sides?
  33. Kaaz Close Ratio Gear Set - Experiences and Recommended Trans Shops
  34. Mild 2zz NA build
  35. Dry sump 2zz-ge, install
  36. Stock vs Walbro fuel pump tune with BOE REV300
  37. Transmission Light on
  38. Destroyed shift fork after 500 miles. Ideas?
  39. Shifter cables crushed by undertray (2011 Exige Final Edition)
  40. "Spider webbing" at bottom of motor
  41. The Stories Of Lightweight Flywheels are Greatly exaggerated
  42. Throttle control issues... And more!
  43. Please help confirming my fears (Wiped Cam)???
  44. Transmission Oil Change
  45. Harmonic Damper
  46. valve lash opinions
  47. Light Flywheel: How can you tell if your car has it?
  48. Where is all this oil coming from on my block?
  49. Convert Elise SC to NA?
  50. AW11 MR2 turbo 2zz swap
  51. Even smoother shifting, check inertia weight
  52. Sector111/Inokinetic: CG/GS shifter cables installation pdf?
  53. Need help - Toyota part # for transmission output shaft bearings?
  54. is the Toyota 2GRFE = Lotus 2GRFE ? need to perform an engine replacement ASAP...
  55. BIG Daddies Garage Mini Cat O2 Sensor
  56. Coolant tube routing question...
  57. What gearbox is that?
  58. Help me understand Lotus' LSD choices
  59. Valve Shims...got any extras?
  60. Annoying vibration between 3700 and 4200 RPM!
  61. Honda Will Sell K20C1 Crate Engines
  62. Engine Sound and Movement
  63. Why am I so hard on clutches
  64. For those Exige/Elise with QUAIFE Transmission
  65. K20/K24 swap elise/exige, AXLE
  66. Clutch engagement point at the very end of pedal travel
  67. Gear oil change question
  68. Serpentine Belt Tolerance
  69. Installing supercharger while engine out of car?
  70. Is this cam wiped? Need Help!
  71. Popped out of third gear
  72. intermittent start after engine swap - No spark.
  73. Shifting ?
  74. Crank vent Blockoff: What on earth is THAT hose?
  75. Valve seal colors
  76. Carbon-lined synchros install issue
  77. Humming noise Exige
  78. Valve shaving?
  79. Elise S1 w/ B18C vague shifting
  80. Engineering explained speedometer correction
  81. Clutch Change 2005 Elise
  82. Please Help! Elise w/ VF SC died sudden, Injectors not working (Fuel pump works)
  83. Exige Automatic
  84. Unknown electrical connector - help identify
  85. more oil filter options
  86. OS Giken LSD, Custom tuned 1-way
  87. Transmission rebuild/replaceme basics
  88. Moroso 20970 oil plug thread size?
  89. GM V6 tubo engine swap in Elise- Vehicle Speed Sensor hook up? Help!
  90. 2005 Elise 4th gear & 6th gear problem
  91. Motus MV4R engine
  92. 2005 Elise Transmission Drain plug size/threads
  93. C6X Transmission Rebuild Shops?
  94. New 1.8L 2ZZ E85 record
  95. Clutchmaster 725 dual disc clutch
  96. Help identifying aftermarket 2zz baffled oil pan
  97. Special Price on New SSC Cross Gate Cable = $215
  98. Evora 400 transmission noise
  99. Problems with PO335 and PO340
  100. Camshaft question
  101. RPMs and Speed
  102. Jim C's Big Stainless Shift Knob
  103. Need Advice on Transmission Case Repair
  104. Loud Clunk from drivetrain (like motor is hitting frame but not)
  105. Who's keeping track of bad intake cams?
  106. Replacing Exige Transmission - Best Route?
  107. Odd Failure - Intake Cam Sprocket Destruction
  108. Jubu c60 dogbox
  109. My AliTech shifter impressions.
  110. Stuck oil pan, RTV
  111. '07 Exige clutch slipping
  112. Alitech shifter install
  113. Is this bell housing usable? If not, how to swap?
  114. Sputter in 1st and 2nd gear
  115. Bad bearing noise
  116. Aftermarket shifter options for OEM console?
  117. Red Oily Leak
  118. AEM Water Injection / Methanol Install
  119. Is there a laminova transmission oil cooler setup?
  120. Mysterious chirping noise 🐥
  121. Alitech New Shifter
  122. Compression and leak down test results, help needed!
  123. Alitech shifter time-lapse install
  124. A note about Vision Function customer service.
  125. Replacement Trans
  126. Removing trans, can't get trans to separate from engine
  127. Clutch upgrade, should I also do lightweight flywheel, or not?
  128. Toyota Gearbox: Broken gears 3./4. gear. How many are/were really affected?
  129. @[email protected]$%@ this transmission (exige)
  130. My install of the MWR E-153
  131. Seeking personal experience with KAAZ Gearsets
  132. Shifter and Shift cable stock throw dimensions
  133. Anyone have any experience with ceramic coating?
  134. Help! Would someone mind taking a picture of their Throttle Body Plumbing?
  135. LSD install -- what else should I do with tranny off?
  136. Drivers side axle seal spring?
  137. How do I get the drivers side axle back in the transmission!?
  138. BOE Fabrications Side Mount Oil Cooler
  139. Anywhere to buy the shift cable C clips locally?
  140. K20 VS B18
  141. Is there an extra long stud for intake manifold?
  142. 2bular Group Buy, shipped
  143. Trouble shifting / Linkage problem
  144. Dallas ReedĚs supercharged 2zz 'streetable' race car
  145. importance of a catch can . . .
  146. Trying to identify transmission
  147. 2ZZ Head Cad Model
  148. Transmission advise
  149. Another Jump Forward for the 2ZZ-GE!
  150. DRS has tested Ferrea rockers
  151. 400hp e85 do I need a surge tank?
  152. Clutch exploded... damage to transmission
  153. MR2 trans./2005 Elise
  154. k20 swap kit?
  155. Friend borrowed car, zinged engine.
  156. Axle movement, transmission fluid leak.
  157. DRS Race Rocker Assemblies for 2ZZ
  158. Shifter C clip
  159. DRS Cam Sprockets with Micropolishing Service
  160. DRS Crank Sprocket with Micropolishing Service
  161. DRS Rocker Shaft Service
  162. Elise speeds in gears?
  163. Rear shifter mount is loose (video)
  164. Dallas Reedís >700whp turbocharged k20 Elise
  165. Clutch Shaft Pilot Bearing issue, 87 Esprit
  166. Remanufactured C64 Transmissions
  167. A better C64 Transmission
  168. Is this a belt squeal, or worse?
  169. Can i use combo AXLES Elise HONDA K20?
  170. Oil Pressure connection
  171. Any experience with cryo treatment?
  172. 1301 and 1302 CEL and car dies
  173. Changing spark plus on 06 Elise - remove fuel rail?
  174. A better 2ZZ-GE
  175. 3rd Gear Issues
  176. 3D Print A Toyota Transmission?!
  177. Starter problem or something bigger?
  178. Installed cams, now 6k rev limit?
  179. Check my math, valve shim sizes
  180. Transmission Options and your experience
  181. Upgrade path for 08 Elise SC
  182. Can anyone give me an idea as to what these prongs coming out of my wiring harness ar
  183. MT90 v. 75W90NS for Torsen equipped transaxle?
  184. Holley HydraMat fuel pickup
  185. S1 Elise V8
  186. secondary air injection ports
  187. Green Denso Injectors
  188. Which cams?
  189. what final drive for FI car
  190. Gearbox Forks
  191. Reduced Revs to 6k with Temp light?
  192. Pulley Removal: MP62
  193. Third gear grind question
  194. Fuel pump changes through model years
  195. Engine stall in the middle of the highway!
  196. Cat cams
  197. Fuel Tech ECU
  198. Supertech Valves?
  199. 6500rpm stumble
  200. Lotus gear selector
  201. Axle ratios: Which is best?
  202. Quaife Sequential Input Shaft Group Buy from BWR
  203. Part Number for LH Driveshaft Circlip, Snapring
  204. JCR Rocker shaft upgrade
  205. Banging my head against the table. #4 cylinder isn't firing.
  206. Header Heat Management & CV Axle Boot Leakage
  207. options for broken engine mount bolt location hole
  208. Jubu 5.0 semi helical review
  209. Say again? I want to get a "tall 6th." in my Elise Transmission!
  210. Master Cylinder Clutch Pump
  211. Crazy fuel pressure problem - help?
  212. Elise hard to get into 1st gear
  213. Factory Supercharger Rattle - Help Identify/Solve
  214. CV Joint vibrating and clunking
  215. ECU connectors
  216. No torque down low below ~3k RPMs, especially when cold...
  217. Is this the fuel pump relay???
  218. MWR E153 Conversion Kit Install and Review
  219. Engine shut off while driving
  220. Hate my elise
  221. Power Sputter with AC On - 2008 SC Car?
  222. Yet another wiped cam
  223. making the engine pretty
  224. One Source of Possible Oil Leak
  225. Post Clutch Swap Issues
  226. DIY: shifting cable failure and replacement tricks making it easier
  227. Motul Gear 300?
  228. K20 turbo elise build
  229. tach rpm triple light cluster on "black dash" cars
  230. engine light magically came on...
  231. S2 parts into S1 chassis?
  232. Repeated passenger side trans axle seal leak
  233. Help Diagnose Engine Tapping DRS Turbo Exige> Video
  234. Clutch Upgrade - HDSS v ST2?
  235. How to Remove Axle from RH Outboard CV Joint
  236. Whudeye Break Now??
  237. Honda K series Swap: Wiring and ECU
  238. Honda K series Swap: Engine Mounts
  239. Honda K series Swap: Fuel System
  240. I think I found the Elise transmission overhaul manual
  241. Possible to Remove Inner Passenger CV Axle Without Dissasembling Suspension?
  242. MWR E153 Conversion
  243. SSM Elise Drive/Powertrain build thoughts/questions
  244. Upgraded springs with stock valves?
  245. Leak at axle seal.... killing me
  246. Lighten the transmission mount
  247. Elise O2 sensor at a non-stupid price
  248. Lightweight Idler Pulley (Group Buy?) -or- delete the pulley
  249. Oil catch can thoughts..
  250. Brown seal on fuel pump torn