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: General Discussion (Lotus related)

  1. We need to show in force!!!
  2. Larini really close to Difflow.... Any Ideas?
  3. Got to use the Exige for what it was designed for!!
  4. Lotus Type 130
  5. Geely launches Geometry; starts Lotus plant in China
  6. Lotus 49
  7. OZ NOVA 18" Wheels
  8. Were there any S2 Chassis Cars that had a bigger fuel tank?
  9. Phone mount for in car video
  10. Finally found the right car and could not be happier!!
  11. 1259 miles
  12. Dealer gone
  13. Swap 2005 White Speedo Disk to Black
  14. What is this part? From '06 Exige?
  15. Stereo Presets Stay Saved Without Power - Possible?
  16. Geely buys half of Smart - Batteries included
  17. Autocar: Life is returning to Lotus (at last)
  18. Leads for Lotus posters and diecast models.
  19. Anyone Watching Formula 1 Drive To Survive On Netflix?
  20. Evora 400 or GT4
  21. More from Phil Popham on new car, Brexit, and 5 year plan
  22. Midland, TX - Lotus Oil Change
  23. How to disassemble an Elige mirror
  24. Yet another take on Phil Popham's comments
  25. The owner's manual can't be wrong, can it?
  26. How will the depreciation of the Evora 400 affect the Evora S?
  27. Carbon Exige roof on eBay
  28. 5W40 Deal...?
  29. Lotus test track
  30. First ride in my new Esprit!
  31. BritishRacingGroup/LotusGarage
  32. I won another TT event and set a Track record in two classes.
  33. FT and Autocar articles
  34. New Lotus Next Year
  35. Lotus Garage Contact help
  36. What Lotus cars were sold in the US?
  37. Let's help Greg out!
  38. New Look for the Rear
  39. Future Prices of S260 and F1
  40. W Louisiana or E Texas Lotus Paint/Body Shop?
  41. Can any body help with history on this??
  42. Custom Lotus Reading Lamp
  43. exige 2010 bumper on 2008?
  44. How to attach and aftermarket roof to an elige window frame
  45. Changing Headlight Bulb
  46. Has anyone gone from an Exige S to an Evora S? Considering it.
  47. Vision function ECU tinning
  48. Bilstein shocks
  49. Having an Elise in Michigan
  50. Custom Lotus Pen/Business Card Holder
  51. Elige upright upgrade questions
  52. Key Fob Resync
  53. Geely not open to visits
  54. 3D printed gauge holders for the aluminum dash tray?
  55. Navigating body shops for collision damage
  56. South Florida Delray Beach met up
  57. Gated Shifter WIP Mod
  58. Header install question
  59. How do you remove speaker cover in an 08 Exige?
  60. Where do these pigtails go?
  61. Car Design Game
  62. Sector 111 DS brace?
  63. Extra Exige plaid upholstery material?
  64. Where did Lotus Garage go?
  65. Cabin/Dome Light
  66. Lotus Customer Cash and free maintenance offer
  67. recommended adhesive for soft top clip?
  68. 52 mm gauge Adaptor for Air outlet
  69. New Evora 400 Leaves Me Stranded *Again*
  70. Geeley hires new design head for UK centre
  71. Lotus of Jacksonville (FL): Two Thumbs UP!
  72. Lotus and Williams team up
  73. Lotus and Williams teaming up
  74. Classic Team Lotus: brand new Instagram account
  75. R3 floor mats? Anyone have them?
  76. Thoughts on Nardo Grey on the Elise?
  77. Advice on removing headlight support in clam
  78. Tree sap on Headlight lens
  79. Service Parts List for 2012 or newer Elise in PDF.
  80. Geely's Plans For Lotus @ Hethel
  81. Left over Caterhams for sale
  82. Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum Restoration Project - Lotus 29/1
  83. Lotus-VW demon child
  84. Vendor for gold LOTUS vinyl on spoiler
  85. Radiator Question
  86. O
  87. Going to Hethel for my 40th bday!
  88. Three news items about Geely and Lotus
  89. Key Blank that looks the same as factory
  90. elise/exige - how do you clean the windshield corner?
  91. My solution to all Lotus electrical issues.
  92. Find past Elise
  93. Battery won’t stay charged
  94. Lotus Owners Going To Daytona 24?
  95. HKFEVER still around?
  96. Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate
  97. STOLEN: Tools & Kids Electric Lotus Exige :-(
  98. IPS: where is the 'range selector motor' located?
  99. Price to wrap dash pieces in leather
  100. Finally got rid of the clicking, rattling and thumping
  101. Interesting find on Craigslist
  102. Merry Christmas to all my Lotus peoples.
  103. R&R Elise front parking bulb
  104. Congrats to WireWheel
  105. Power for horn question, Elise
  106. Merry Driftmas and a Hethel New Year
  107. Bought an Evora from out of state dealer
  108. The following is not a paid promotional announcement! (Costco tire deal)
  109. Catalytic converter toast
  110. 6'8" Driver does fit in an Elise!
  111. Evora 400: would a bad battery cause a stall/CEL/MIL?
  112. New NJ Lotus Dealer!
  113. Exige S3 rear CF spoiler
  114. BOE torque 300 & Avid Motorsports
  115. Slimy brake fluid in the reservoir!
  116. New ECU=No Start?
  117. Lotus to build an electric $2.6 mil hypercar...
  118. Lotus Eleven toy
  119. lotus elise total insurance payout
  120. Which Service Department??
  121. Advice on Valuation needed
  122. Carfax report for SCCPC11185HL35243
  123. Another Lotus dealership bites the dust
  124. How many Elise are left?
  125. I'm finally doing it. K24 swap
  126. US Filler Neck Diameter
  127. Valuation and Mods
  128. My baby is at a sleep over until Sunday
  129. Do You Watch My Videos? I need your help!
  130. Hilarious things your Lotus dealer says to you....
  131. PPE header / Exhaust question
  132. What Steering Hub/Adapter is this??
  133. What would you expect in a "restored" car
  134. ECU heat dissipation?
  135. Something you don't see everyday
  136. Lotus Marketing
  137. Now I have two Black Exige's
  138. Lotus ownership has been a strange obsession
  139. Recommendations on GPS Tracking
  140. Geely Just Bought a Racetrack in Utah
  141. CF Rear Elise Side Vents?
  142. Stock 8 spoke wheel refinishing
  143. 2018 Daytona Vintage 24
  144. think this will fit into the elise?
  145. Winter storage, heated vs. un-heated
  146. New LED Bulb Fitment
  147. What's the deal with LOTUS trademark infringement?
  148. Ross' Exige for sale, again
  149. franks car on ebay?
  150. Brake rotor slots forward or backward?
  151. Esprit at auction gallery
  152. Replacing starshield on door sills
  153. Idiot Light
  154. Lotus 70th anniversary logo / desktop
  155. 0-100 MPH & Other Performance Stats
  156. Hail damage
  157. New Lotus Exec and Construction
  158. Continuous problems with misfire p1302 not cams
  159. Potential Radiator Leak?
  160. Passenger seat slider
  161. Any torque loss with Elise n/a getting ppe headers 4.1 and decat
  162. Best of both World
  163. Best Weekend Of My Life
  164. Million Dollar FWD Elan???
  165. 88 Turbo Issue
  166. My Exige Project on YouTube
  167. To Supercharge or Not Supercharge?
  168. Trouble installing supercharger
  169. High Mileage Lotus
  170. 08+ OEM Cup Holder
  171. BWR Penske Shocks and Sway Bar - W O W !!!
  172. Alitech - Love the shifter, the wiring not so much
  173. Cheaper source for O2 sensors in the US
  174. I won the NASA National Championships TT2 class
  175. Car Show Etiquette question....
  176. fuel pump
  177. What I found when I left the restaurant!
  178. Pic after I towed my Exige home in a snowstorm NSFW!
  179. Detailing your Lotus
  180. Is Transforged still in biz? Won't respond to quality issues.
  181. New GRP Lip/Splitter Interest Gauge
  182. Will the Optima D35 Fit in my Car?
  183. Supercharger or Tune issue??
  184. Signatures on door
  185. Buying a car at a distance
  186. issue with 1999 lotus elise coolant temp
  187. Do I need a radiator for my elise
  188. Help! Need help extracting mouse / nest!
  189. Exige LaminX / Paint Protection - Reviews / Thoughts?
  190. ISO valuation opinions for: 1,820 lb / 300 hp track prepped 2005 Elise
  191. 08+ Exige AP Racing Cup Brakes
  192. Where to buy RS134 Monolites?
  193. Custom key fobs
  194. New to forums. How do I delete my ad?
  195. ignition switch
  196. Bringing in a UK Elise to USA
  197. Lotus Built its 100,000th Car (in 70 yrs)
  198. JayEmm Visits the Lotus Barn - Video
  199. Ceramic Coating Lotus Exige
  200. The Grand Tour Game
  201. Tesla owner now wants the real car
  202. A lot of good Lotus options on the used market.
  203. Awesome Saturday!
  204. Something has got to be done about all the spammers!
  205. Wear your helmet to work day
  206. LOG 39???
  207. Coolant Temps at Lowspeed Tracks
  208. V6 mirror support modification
  209. Lotus Owners gathering 38 2018
  210. Geely to spend $1.9 Billion on Lotus???
  211. Elise Hardtop Scam
  212. issues transplanting BMW V12 -- lotus esprit
  213. Finally running, an overdue thankyou
  214. Stage 2 Exhaust and GRP tails
  215. BOE's Phil is selling his car!
  216. Harry at A-1 Automotive
  217. Stahlbus oil drain valve
  218. Deep down Elise
  219. Transforged Lotus "unikey" - save your money
  220. How to make your Lotus more Aerodynamic!
  221. Flat Stoppers
  222. Please help! Rough and shaky during cold start??
  223. Anti-seize compound on oxy sensor?
  224. Isn't this is what insuance is for?
  225. Anyone know this site?
  226. Well it happened My Lotus got hit
  227. Lotus article
  228. Best looking car in the world
  229. Elan M 100 Article
  230. looking for Center caps for 2006 Lotus Elise
  231. GRP Carbon Fiber?
  232. Engine Support Mount Crossbar Removal
  233. Could Someone Run a carfax for me?
  234. Aftermarket Warranty
  235. Aftermarket warranties
  236. We need a shifter recall
  237. 08 S240 key fob
  238. Thinking about getting another Elige... question regarding true mileage
  239. Most expensive Evora EVER! (414E hybrid prototype)
  240. The Elise is Dead?
  241. Can anyone contact Jim 2bular?
  242. Happy Fourth of July, LOTUS TALK!
  243. PPI Suggestions - Syracuse NY
  244. Servicing your Lotus? Where to!
  245. widebody for sale - jalopnik article
  246. Machining Hub Carriers - how/who?
  247. elise - possible to swap the left and right seats?
  248. Anyone have B122 Graphite Grey touch-up paint?
  249. Tracking down the owner of a Lotus Eleven Series 2
  250. USA Source for Snubber Washers?