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: A/C, Heating and Ventilation

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  1. A C Refrigerant Hose
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  19. No Heat
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  23. Preparing for the dreaded blower motor and
  24. Another Air Conditioning question
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  26. I haven't turned on the AC in 2 years
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  29. Did I get the right receiver/drier?
  30. I need help...
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  32. Another DIY Resistor Pack Replacement
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  35. How to Install: Black HVAC Faceplate?
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  37. Combination of A/C issues
  38. 2005 Elise Only blows hot air, HVAC Flapper not moving the full range
  39. Manual Fan Switch Rover K
  40. My DIY Resistor Pack Experience
  41. any one know what wires go to the flapper switch?
  42. Elise A/C wiring diagram?
  43. Exige with non working heater blower
  44. Aftermarket AC and Heat System Kit.. Help!
  45. Fix your HVAC Blower without cutting the firewall and no heater / HVAC removal DIY
  46. AC intermittent. Trinary switch?
  47. Need Help!! 06 Elise AC leaking from side sill. Anyone know the PN for new hose?
  48. What's the trick to install the HVAC box???
  49. How to remove flapper box
  50. Cabin Fan
  51. Lotus Improved 2007+ A/C Hose A124P0025F
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  57. AC blowing warm air
  58. Where is the AC recharge port?
  59. Does the engine compensate for AC pump load?
  60. Another A/C Problem Thread. Please Help
  61. no air coming from vents
  62. Elise/Exige condenser...Upside down?
  63. Resistor Pack replacement
  64. 2007 Exige AC/heater rework
  65. Pro-Alloy Top Mount Fan Kit - on AC cars (Advisable?)
  66. Heating and AC hose routing
  67. Block off hot water feed to heater coil, anyone
  68. Elise 2006 111R full air-con revamp possible?
  69. A/C delete
  70. A/C Troubleshooting Saga (2007 Elise)
  71. AC Compressor Not Turning On
  72. Fan Speed Irregularity
  73. will this work for an 05 elise?
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  76. 05' Elise -- A/C Failure
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  86. Finally a better working AC option!
  87. heater flap not moving all the way
  88. A/C fans stuck on
  89. Cost for dealer to change resister pack?
  90. Gulf States / Saudi Air Conditioning - Anyone here have first hand experience ?
  92. Blower motor has a mind of its own
  93. Where is the true weak point of the Lotus A/C system
  94. trinary switch where is it?
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  96. AC question - where to buy O rings
  97. Another A/C Stopped Working Thread
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  99. Heater Core Bypass - Help!
  100. AC leaks at bulkhead
  101. Is this HVAC box correct?
  102. Resistor pack upgrade question
  103. a/c condenser fix
  104. Esprit 2002 A/C Inop
  105. AC Pro.. Beware...
  106. A/C Compressor keep on 'clicking' every 3 second after refilling R134a, :( please hel
  107. My blower resistor replacement experience...
  108. A/C Troubleshooting
  109. Cooling Fan trouble shooting & overide switch
  110. Engine Fans: Low works normal but high never comes on
  111. No A/C Compressor not kicking on/ radiator fan not coming on
  112. Need confirmation
  113. Heater return pipe access behind dash?
  114. Question about heater hoses for those that have done heater bypass
  115. Is there anyway to see the resistor pack with fiber optic camera?
  116. Problem with heater/AC
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  118. No Climate Control
  119. Lighting for hvac unit
  120. A/C vents?
  121. AC switch repair
  122. Heater on 1 speed setting - tried another also
  123. A/C Blowing Hot Air
  124. A/C Compressor Leak
  125. Should idle rpm go up with ac on?
  126. Elise A/C Broke - Compressor Not Coming On
  127. Advantages of S111 proRAD and/or HKS RSR CAI
  128. Heater System Delete
  129. Fixed my a/c - I love this site
  130. Elise Heater Only Blowing Cold Air
  131. A/C relay
  132. Air Conditioning Service by Non-Lotus Shop?
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  134. Check for resistor pack replacement?
  135. Resistor Pack question. Have clam off, ready to go!
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  138. car in shop - time to replace evaporator thermostat?
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  140. Heat/AC confusion - help please.
  141. Resistor Pack upgrade done - No HVAC Controls
  142. What is this A/C part and does it matter which wires connect to it?
  143. Weave on apr carbon pieces?
  144. Warm/Hot Air with AC turned On
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  146. Repairing heater flap on 08 exige.. cost? difficulty?
  147. Need hvac wiring help asap!!
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  149. AC not working :-(... 2010 Cup 260
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  160. A/C control module
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  167. How Bad is the A/C?
  168. Electrical Conection
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  172. AC Condenser
  173. HVAC heater hoses are cold...what gives?
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  176. Loud AC normal?
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  180. Help with Resistor Block
  181. A/C Smoke Effects
  182. Can heater core be inspected for leak w/o removal?
  183. AC pressure ranges for R134a
  184. How often to use aircon?
  185. Removal of heater control panel
  186. Defog and recirc switch
  187. My AC works too well, help?
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  189. heating blowing cold air
  190. need advice!
  191. no recir....help!
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  198. Diagnosis please
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  200. Heater resistor pack
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  218. Does this make sense?
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  241. Blower motor
  242. No heat on the feet
  243. AC wiring schematics
  244. How to drain A/C compressor oil and refill
  245. Does anyone know How to fix a stripped AC / Condenser Fitting?
  246. Aircon on SC
  247. AC Parts
  248. Trinary switch
  249. Expansion Valve Connectors
  250. AC now starts to turn hot after a minute or two