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: Suspension (including wheels, tires, brakes)

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  1. Toyo R888r v Nitto NT01
  2. Lotus Cars Perform Better After Corner Balancing
  3. 8 year old tires
  4. Tire Questions
  5. Coilover Rebuild/ride height
  6. +35 offset on Elise rear?
  7. Can you mill the V2 Arms?
  8. Konig Hypergram wheels
  9. BOE 1/2 Toe Link Installed Pic
  10. Conti Extremecontact DWS06 Feedback
  11. Alignment before the Glen
  12. Radial Caliper install Help Needed ASAP
  13. roll centre query
  14. Straighten Out Your Steering
  15. Ohlins rebuild
  16. Yokohama Advan Sport V105 impressions?
  17. "What the heck is this thing?" - A mystery spring under my suspension
  18. How & When to Change Your Wheel Bearings
  19. Noisy front brakes
  20. Noisy front brakes
  21. Need opinions/help: steering feeling very light
  22. Ethos Wheels
  23. For those with 4-pot front & rear on their Elise/Exige.
  24. BOE 1/2link threading issue
  25. Elise front brakes dragging - video attached
  26. Tires after autocross
  27. Sleeve Bearings for Urethane Bushings
  28. Ohlins Height adjustment
  29. Effect of wheel weight on measured power output
  30. what are the best tires for Lotus in wet conditions
  31. Konig wheels & centering rings
  32. For those who have gone 2pot in the rear- parking brake
  33. Where to buy Track Tires in the US?
  34. Is anyone planning to do a Superpro Urethane bushing install?
  35. Please explain ABS
  36. New A052 Lotus Friendly Sizes Being Released Feb/March
  37. Brake rotor goop?
  38. 215/45/16 Up Front
  39. OUTERPLUS Front 6 Pot Brake Caliper & Big Rotor Kit
  40. Elise OEM wishbone bush replacement advice
  41. Tire mounting San Diego
  42. Aero That Works VS Looks Only
  43. 205/50/16 / 235/45/17 A052 200TW Tires
  44. Tire Date Codes
  45. 3D printed uprights?
  46. OEM Damper parts
  47. Carbone Lorraine RC5+ bed in? So noisy.
  48. S1 Evora Custom Aluminum Bilstein Double Adjustable Shocks
  49. Budget Rotor Advice for mostly track car
  50. Front End Grip Question
  51. ABS Light and sputtering Speedometer, Elise
  52. Brake setup for street + occasional track?
  53. Banjo Bolt Adapter for Exige Front Brakes
  54. Brake Caliper / Piston Install Leads to Lower Brake Pedal
  55. Lotus Base Suspension weight? (for shipping estimation)
  56. Exige LSS Wheels on an Elise
  57. BRG Evora Lowering Springs: Buyer Beware (British racing group)
  58. What to Buy: Quantum Zero vs 46mm Nitrons vs Gaz?
  59. AP Racing J hook rotors compatibility
  60. Brake Failure At the Track
  61. RS14 Pads - Anyone here seen this?
  62. ABS Module for Elise 2005
  63. Nearly Free Springs
  64. Dumb question: When upgrading to BOE 1/2 links, should I ditch the OEM toe link brace
  65. Cup car wheel sizes
  66. When to replace suspension bushings?
  67. Upgrading to 2 pot calipers for the Rear. Pad Recommendations?
  68. Is upgrading from base to LSS shocks worth it?
  69. "Custom" Splitter
  70. If you can't use monoball, which bushing?
  71. DIY Monoball install
  72. Wheel/Tire Calculations
  73. Yoko Advan A052???
  74. Continental ExtremeContact Sport vs. Yokohama Advan A048 vs. Toyo Proxes R888R
  75. Carbotech brake pad overhang?
  76. Another Exige s/s brake line thread...quick question
  77. Not again! Another tread thread
  78. Evora track fitment
  79. Penske DA Adjustments in the field?
  80. Exige Rain Tires
  81. Wheel Bolts - Evora
  82. Anyone Running Different Brake Compounds Front to Rear
  83. Camber change when lowering
  84. PSA: Replace Those Old Wheel Bolts
  85. New wheel option from 949
  86. Brake Pressure Sensor for Data Acquisition
  87. Where to get rims anodized?
  88. Lack of Locking Rings on Coilovers
  89. Dual purpose brake pad setup
  90. Stock tires for 2005 Elise (base model)
  91. Elise 15" & 16" wheels?
  92. Firestone Indy 500 tires
  93. Soliciting ideas for suspension modfest
  94. Another brake pad recommendation request - not DS2500
  95. 16s front and rear
  96. Tell me about these wheels
  97. Help me find these wheels
  98. Spacers To Bring LSS Wheels Flush
  99. Track Pack Height Adjustment
  100. AP Racing caliper banjo adapters
  101. Japan Racing wheel fitment.
  102. No Tire Results Found
  103. Hethel LE48
  104. Need 2 new Toyo R888 225/45ZR17
  105. Adjustable drop links: DURA-LINX v. V2Linx
  106. Quantum Zero shock oil replacement (how-to guide)
  107. Lower wishbone forward bracket to chassis torque values?
  108. How much life do I have in these pads?
  109. Elise/Exige Brake Line question
  110. Ball joints leaking grease..
  111. ultradisc thickness
  112. OEM wheel lug nut, Where to find?
  113. ABS Light and TC issues
  114. Brake Rotor and Pad Suggestions
  115. Another remote reservoir mounting question.
  116. Please help me not kill myself with my tire choices
  117. Just got my street Ohlins DA's, what are your settings?
  118. Volk Racing TE37 15x8 / 17x9
  119. What suspension & wheel/tire specs
  120. When are you tires done?
  121. ALL Eliges Should Have V2 Arms
  122. Winter storage rim and tire
  123. Front caliper bolts?
  124. My experience with powder coating wheels>
  125. Opinion on resurfacing / turning OEM Elise Rotors
  126. Tap stucked, how to.....
  127. Advice on track-dedicated rims
  128. Suspension Rebuild in SoCal
  129. Clunking from rear over rough roads with Penskes NA
  130. Who's running 2 pot calipers front and rear?
  131. Where can I get flush mount center caps for the base Elise wheels?
  132. Tire question
  133. Has anyone tried these lowering damper mounts?
  134. Alignment & corner balance when changing wheels
  135. Penske DA baseline settings?
  136. Re-71r vs r888r
  137. Question about pads - Street vs Track
  138. Old r888
  139. Rear rotor contact patch
  140. 17x8 ET15 wheels up front?
  141. LSS Sport Suspension Vs Trackpack Vs Aftermarket
  142. Wheel stud strength?
  143. A048 questions
  144. Suggestions: How to Improve Turn In?
  145. Shade tree suspension measurements
  146. BWR Penske Installation
  147. Front passenger side brakes clicking
  148. Brake Temps
  149. Front Caliper Brake Bleeder Cap
  150. HELP!! need dimension for 4 pot ap racing caliper
  151. Finally took a grinder to my front brakes.
  152. Going lower on track pack suspension
  153. Steering Rack Play
  154. TOYO R888R
  155. Tire advice, '05 Elise /w LSS
  157. Which 15'' wheels?
  158. New R888R sizes for 16x7 17x8?
  159. RAC Monolites "Center Cap Size + short/long"
  160. S3 V6 Exige wheels on an S2...
  161. Sector 111 DSBrace
  162. FCR bracket?
  163. S111 DS Brace/V2 Control Arm question
  164. Going with new 888R's, pros and cons of keeping vs tossing old R888's
  165. Mounting New Tires on Lift
  166. How many heat cycles did your RE71R last before they cycled out?
  167. silly ohlins adjustment question - clockwise?
  168. Exige S240 Brake Problems
  169. ExtremeContact Sport in Elise/Exige sizes
  170. New Toyo R888R reviews
  171. DIY alignment tools
  172. Bent Ball Joints
  173. Help with final decision on Track slicks
  174. Rim and Tire setup
  175. Tips for relocating AP 2pot calipers to the rear using 'Eliseparts' bracket.
  176. Tip on Installing Suspension Bushings
  177. Has anyone used these lower control arms?
  178. AP Racing 2-pot caliper images
  179. Installing AP 4pot ,but I have leaking issue by the brake line joint on the caliper.
  180. Powder Coat vs DIY Paint
  181. Where to buy Elige LSS forged wheels?
  182. Volk te-37 fitment (15x8 +30)
  183. FCR Bracket Installation Tutorial Lotus Elise/Exige/211
  184. Uneven Camber
  185. Brake rotor and pad recommendations? OK to mix carbotech up front and Ferodo in rear?
  186. What Brake Pads to Get for my S240?
  187. Elise/Exige Camber Shims Dimensions
  188. Lotus Elise S2 Suspension Pick-ups
  189. Base Elise AutoX Tires
  190. steering wheel not straight after alignment and corner balancing
  191. Spacers leaving me non hub centric.
  192. Track rod end problems
  193. jprockjr - 2009 Lotus Exige S240 (wheel/tire/suspension/brakes)
  194. Not Finding Many Rotor Options for the Exige S240 with the AP Racing Calipers?
  195. what to order for street tires for my Elise
  196. Another Tire Option: Firestone Firehawk Indy 500!!!
  197. Need opinion fast before purchasing tires
  198. ETHOS Wheels: Low Stock Warning!
  199. When to replace rotors?
  200. Big Bore Brake Master Cylinder - Anyone Use One?
  201. Bilstein track pack reservoir removal
  202. Wheels identification
  203. BWR Extended Ball Joints
  204. 2005 Elise Stock Brake Caliper Bleeder screws?
  205. BWR Penske Suspension Fall 2016 GroupBuy!
  206. Anyone recommend (for or against) Kumho Ecsta 4X II on base Elise stock wheels?
  207. HELP: Brakes squealing like a school bus
  208. Best Current Deal on the 308mm Rotors?
  209. Brake Pedal Binding
  210. Carbotech brakes discount
  211. ETHOS 16x8 are Back in Stock!
  212. Can Elise steering rack be rebushed?
  213. HNTpads Are Back In Stock!
  214. Help identify my brake pads
  215. Finally settled on a new wheel/tire combo...
  216. Nitrons or Quantums
  217. NITRON NT singles fast road
  218. Help me understand spring rates.
  219. Base Elise tires
  220. cheap wheels...stink
  221. 16x8 +25 square set up with staggered tires ?
  222. Bent Rims?
  223. Best road setup for track pack
  224. Need wheel/tire/brake pads help
  225. Need new rear tires Continental ExtremeContact DWS06
  226. RE71R 235/45 for rear?
  227. I require help with new wheels and tyres
  228. Nitron damper bump touch problem
  229. Corner balance
  230. Toybox48 Hethel Wheels
  231. Tire Sizes explained (Reading sidewall)
  232. Speed sensor, ABS, or gauges?
  233. WTB rear brake spring / pin
  234. Brake rotor heat melting toe link boot
  235. Penske SA installed noise, I hope normal
  236. Steering feeling very light?
  237. 16x7 +36 and 17x8 +30 Will These Wheels Fit?
  238. What tire? RE 71-R vs Ventus RS-3
  239. MASSIVE Price Drop on the Toyo R888's
  240. How to properly select and size tires
  241. Best way to clean brake calipers on the car?
  242. 15x7.5 and 15x8 Volks
  243. Running A7s in cold temperatures?
  244. Custom CCW LM5-3 Piece on order
  245. Any faith with Discount Tire (or Others) lifting Elise?
  246. Just to confirm, Iím I okay running these tire sizes on my Elise?
  247. Penske single vs Nitron Single
  248. Odd, kinda terrifying sensation when turning
  249. ETHOS Wheels - Need Your Feedback
  250. 195/50R-16 ADVAN A048 on 6.5" width?