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Danny is just following in the footsteps of Chapman (who is either dead or hiding in Brazil according to who you believe when the loved & hated Elise was born). Look up the story of Essex Lotus. Chapman knew how to spend other peoples' money.
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A lot of people have chimed in at this point, but I might as well too based on the themes that I see.

1. Swizz Beats has no professional background other than being a car guy that would really warrant being head of global marketing for a company like Lotus. He's a rapper. And maybe a douchebag. Just sayin.

2. Most people young or old have nfi who he is. Yes I know who he is, but hes a pop culture footnote at best.

3. This probably doesn't matter. I would agree that most people in the new target demographic will not even come close to being able to afford the next gen Lotus's. Im not worried that a bunch of "bro's" that would normally buy a last gen m3 or g35 are suddenly going to sport lotus's and make the purists cringe.

4. What really matters is the cars. How they perform and how they handle will ultimately decide whether they are accepted by car culture and whether they sell well. Thats always been the case. I personally think that though heavier, the new Elise is looking pretty good at this point despite gaining some lbs but also gaining some hp's. Honestly whats coming out of Ferrari and Lambo lately doesnt excite me much either, but the new 918 spider does (and I hate Porsche).

5. Lotus tends to go in waves. One decade its F1 winning race cars and bond cars, and the next its asthmatic FWD crappiness. I would hope they invest in innovative next gen vehicle tech no matter how its marketed.

6. Colin Chapman died in 1982 folks. Hes been dead for almost 2 decades. Look at his wikipedia picture, its badass. That also happens to be the same year I was born in. Lotus has come a long way since then without his direction and that direction has mostly been awesome. I love my Exige and feel happy to own what I think has been their best car in years.

7. Making Lotuses fancy is a bad idea. The last time a passenger asked me to turn that crappy alpine stereo on I couldnt even figure out how to turn it off because its a POS and I never use it. The same goes for the AC. The only thing I want to hear is the crackle of the exhaust and the supercharger.

8. I spent last weekend at the Monterey Historics, and the Lotuses there were amazing. If I could afford to own an 11 or a 23b/c i would in an instant. The racing heritage represented by the brand will never be overshadowed, no matter how many poor marketing decisions they make. That looked like the most fun to be had on 4 wheels.

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Originally Posted by hpsmasher View Post
The last time a passenger asked me to turn that crappy alpine stereo on I couldnt even figure out how to turn it off because its a POS and I never use it.
Hey, they just announced Pioneer is the new head unit for the 2012 Evora.

If this is Swizz Beats idea (although, I coulda told 'em this) then he has already begun to reap dividends.

For some reason, Brit's are hell bent on using bad German audio equipment.
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My point is this: in 6 years, Lotus have sold +/- 4,000 cars in the US. In 2005, they were teetering on the edge. In 2011, they are teetering on the edge (eventually, Proton will get tired of 0% ROE), so let's say the original 4,000 people hate Swizz Beatz, and never buy another Lotus. There will be 4,000 people (+/- 1/1000th of the US population?) who love Swizz Beatz and will buy a Lotus just because of him. Lotus really can't do worse, and they don't particularly care about the current owners, very few of whom (about 6 I'd guess), have bought a second Lotus, brand new.

With no offense intended to the poster, what's so bad about the Swizz guy? I mean, what will he do, bling up the wheels, and put orange leather in the cars? People are already doing this. I don't think he's going to say, hey what would be really cool would be to add 700 pounds to every Lotus, and put in a solid rear axle and drum brakes. He's going to say, let's put in orange leather, carbon fiber up the clams, bigger wheels, etc. People are already doing this. Maybe he really knows something about cars, and will say, let's figure out how to stiffen the engine mounts, improve the brake lines. Who knows?

When someone posts a new interior photo, most people appluad - and rightly so - though there are a few who say, "How many pounds did that add"? So, to each his own, and it seems unfair to criticize Bahar for this move (though without a doubt, it's lamebrained!!).

Originally Posted by SwingLo View Post
I'm confused. So a dude want's to do some customization to his Elise and that correlates how to SwizzCheeze?

Dude could do something very classy, ala a Ferrari California, or he can do it uber tacky West Coast Custom stylee.

I'm confused at what you're getting at.
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Originally Posted by SwingLo View Post
Did you see Dany at Pebble Beach? I met him there on Saturday by the concept lawn and took a couple of pics with him.

He actually had little Smithers kinda right hand man with him...

The thing is - Dany is Swiss rights? Swizz/Swiss - I think I get the connection now.

I think they should has some multi tool knives and cheese with holes in it as part of the new car purchase package. And an ability to remain neutral on geopolitical conflicts.
nope was there on friday, i really have no desire to meet him - call me closed minded and mean

i believe he is of arabic descent, raised in switz... something like that...

"I really started paying attention to cars was when they came out with the Nissan Z, the first body. Then I seen the Cherokees, the old square ones, and I was like, “Wow, that’s cool.” Then I seen the Isuzu jeeps and I seen the Wranglers."
-Lotus Cars VP of Global Design
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Swizz still beating - now for Bally

An old chestnut of a post with a new update:

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lol I wonder if he still has the Evora GTE or whatever it was.

** save ~10 lbs gain 1 hp ** EQ: Y=(190*X) / (1984-X) where Y is (HP) and X is (lbs)

'07 Lotus Exige S310

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